Make Kratos a Battle Wizard with the Valkyrie Armor Set in God of War

Make Kratos a Battle Wizard with the Valkyrie Armor Set in God of War

God of War (2018) offers a wide variety of armor set to its players. The armors in the game have immense value as they can dramatically enhance the six core player stats: Strength, Runic, Defense, Vitality, Luck, and Cooldown. Different armors affect different stats to promote diverse playstyles, so choosing the armor that suits your playstyle best is essential. 

Valkyrie armor set is one of the best armor in the game, both statistically and visually. But, acquiring this armor is no child’s play, and most players may give up before even getting a single piece of it. It requires a lot of grit and patience, so if you are determined to get this divine armor, here is how to do it! 

How to get the Valkyrie armor set in God of War (2018)?  

Make Kratos a Battle Wizard with the Valkyrie Armor Set in God of War
Valkyrie Armor Set

To get the Valkyrie Armor set in God of War (2018), you must individually collect the three set items – Cuirass, Gauntlets, and Waist Guard by defeating the three Valkyries – Hildr in Niflheim, Gondul in Muspelheim, and Olrun in Alfheim respectively.  

Valkyries are side-quests and one of the most challenging bosses in the game. If you are below level 6, do not even think about facing a Valkyrie, or you will be obliterated to cinders by these battle beasts in record time. They are quick, agile, and hit like a truck.  

Make Kratos a Battle Wizard with the Valkyrie Armor Set in God of War

Once you are strong enough (level 6+), get ready for a tough and frustrating fight against the Valkyries. If you keep trying and adapt to their moves, you will beat them eventually. 

Make Kratos a Battle Wizard with the Valkyrie Armor Set in God of War
Fight against the Valkyries

Before going on your mission to wipe out the Valkyries off of the face of the Midgard, make sure to complete the story quest “The Magic Chisel” and acquire the magic chisel that will allow you to open the gates sealed by magic. These magically sealed chambers shelter the Valkyries. 

The Valkyrie Armor Set- Stats, Perks, and Upgrades 

I. Stats 

The Valkyrie armor set boosts five of the players’ stats: Strength, Runic, Defense, Vitality, and Cooldown. As a result, it is a well-balanced armor set that can be advantageous in most fights. It explicitly suits the playstyle of those who prefer to deal runic attacks and elemental damage to their enemies. Having a cooldown boost can significantly increase the rate of Runic attacks. Equipping this armor will make Kratos a “battle wizard” with the ability to use constant runic attacks. 

Base Stats Lvl 6 Cuirass of the Valkyrie Gauntlets of the Valkyrie Waist Guard of the Valkyrie 
Strength 16 12 12 
Runic 12 
Defense 55 42 42 
Cooldown 23 17 17 

II. Perks 

But what really makes the Valkyrie armor set stand out is that each of its pieces offers a unique perk to the player:  

  • Warrior’s Unstoppable Aura has a low perk activation chance, and it prevents interruptions by enemy attacks on any successful hit. Available when wearing the Cuirass of the Valkyrie.  
  • Refreshing Light has a low perk activation chance, and it instantly refreshes all Runic Attack cooldowns on any successful Runic Attack kill. Available when wearing the Gauntlets of the Valkyrie.  
  • Arcane Runic has a high perk activation chance, and it grants a Blessing of Runic when using a Runic Attack. Available when wearing the Waist Guard of the Valkyrie.  

III. Upgrades 

The first upgrade of the Valkyrie armor set requires Asgardian Steels and Perfect Asgardian Steels, which can only be acquired as a drop by defeating all the nine (9) Valkyries, including Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen. 

The second upgrade of the armor requires Haze Weave, Aesirbane, and Niflheim alloy, all of which can be acquired in the Niflheim realm. Both of these upgrades will cost you a ton of Hacksilver, so make sure to collect it in advance. 

Armor Piece Cuirass of the Valkyrie Gauntlets of the Valkyrie Waist Guard of the Valkyrie 
Lvl 7 Upgrade Cost Hacksilver: 68,250 Asgardian Steel: 2 Perfect Asgardian Steel: 1 Mist Echoes: 1,500 Hacksilver: 68,250 Asgardian Steel: 2 Perfect Asgardian Steel: 1 Hacksilver: 68,250 Asgardian Steel: 2 Perfect Asgardian Steel: 1 
Lvl 7 Stats Strength: 21 Runic: 16 Defense: 68 Vitality: 10 Cooldown: 27 Strength: 16 Runic: 12 Defense: 51 Vitality: 8 Cooldown: 20 Strength: 16 Runic: 12 Defense: 51 Vitality: 8 Cooldown: 20 
Lvl 8 Upgrade Cost Hacksilver: 110,000 Greater Crest of Flame: 12 Pristine Ore of the Realm: 1 Aesirbane: 1 Hacksilver: 110,000 Greater Crest of Flame: 5 Pristine Scales of the Realm: 1 Haze Weave: 3 Hacksilver: 110,000 Crest of Flame: 5 Pristine Dust of the Realm: 1 Niflheim Alloy: 5 
Lvl 8 Stats Strength: 25 Runic: 20 Defense: 84 Vitality: 12 Cooldown: 31 Strength: 20 Defense: 15 Runic: 63 Vitality: 9 Cooldown: 23 Strength: 20 Defense: 15 Runic: 63 Vitality: 9 Cooldown: 23 

3. Where to find Hildr – the Valkyrie? 

Hildr is in the optional and locked realm of Niflheim in God of War (2018). This realm can be accessed from Realm Travel Room in Tyr’s Temple during the “The Realm of Fog” favor after collecting four (4) Niflheim Language Ciphers. 

The Niflheim realm is surrounded by poisonous fog so keep track of the pink bar on top of your screen when you are in this realm. Your health will start depleting after the pink bar reaches 0. 

Once you enter Niflheim, stick to the left wall and pass through three zigzag corridors to reach Hildr. The Niflheim realm has a mechanical maze that keeps changing paths, but the Valkyrie will always remain at the far-left end of the maze. 

You will receive Cuirass of the Valkyrie by defeating Hildr in Niflheim. 

4. Where to find Gondul – the Valkyrie? 

Gondul is in the optional and locked realm of Muspelheim in God of War (2018). This realm can be accessed from Realm Travel Room in Tyr’s Temple after collecting four (4) Muspelheim Language Ciphers. 

You have to complete five trials in the Muspelheim realm to reach the sixth trial, which is Gondul herself. The trails can be accessed by interacting with the giant swords in the middle of the open arenas. 

You will receive Gauntlets of the Valkyrie by defeating Gondul in Muspelheim. 

5. Where to find Olrun – the Valkyrie? 

Olrun is in the realm of Alfheim in God of War (2018). This realm can be accessed from Realm Travel Room in Tyr’s Temple in the middle of the Lake of the Nine. 

You must have already visited this realm during the main story gameplay. 

Olrun is in the Hidden Chamber of Odin here. Use the magic chisel to open the gate and take the lift to the lower level of the chamber. Now, walk straight towards the light, and you will find Olrun in the middle of an arena. 

You will receive Waist Guard of the Valkyrie by defeating Olrun in Alfheim. 

6. About God of War(2018)

Developed by Santa Monica Studios, God of War is a single-player action-adventure game. Unlike the previous installments of the franchise that deals with Greek mythology, this installment is set in Norse lore.

Before dying, Kratos’ second wife’s last wish is for her to be cremated at the highest peak of the nine realms. Therefore, with his son, Atreus, Kratos embarks on a difficult journey teeming with monsters and gods to fulfill his wife’s final request.