Best Void Gauntlet Builds in New World: Attributes, Tree Skills and More!

Best Void Gauntlet Builds in New World: Attributes, Tree Skills and More!

The Amazon Games MMORPG, New World, has recently added a brand-new weapon called the Void Gauntlet for gamers to use. It can heal teammates and deal constant damage to enemies during the healing process, providing unique ways to enhance the primary weapon. 

To create a build with Void Gauntlet in New World, players have to invest points in one of the two skill trees: Annihilation and Decay. They can also invest in attributes to create the best weapon according to their needs.

Upgrading these abilities will grant players’ passive skills and advantages that’ll come in handy during a fight. For example, the Annihilation tree will boost the damage on different enemies, while Decay will provide debuffs to the opponents. 

When combined with other weapons, the gauntlet can give you that extra edge needed to win more battles. Read more to find out the best Void Gauntlet builds I have found in New World. 

How to Make the Best Void Gauntlet Builds in New World

To make the Void Gauntlet work to its full potential in New World, make sure the attributes mash well with other primary weapons like the Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet. 

While keeping this in mind, here are some Void Gauntlet Builds for players to choose and adjust as per their playstyle. 

I. Void Gauntlet and Life Staff Build

Healers have fallen in love with the Void Gauntlet because they have a weapon capable of dealing damage. This build will capitalize on healing ability from the Life Staff while also making sure you can deal enormous blows to enemies.

Attributes: Keep it to 250 Focus, 50 Intelligence, and 50 Constitution for this build. It’ll create multiple opportunities to heal when the character or his teammates are in a pinch. 

Armor: Choose between Heavy or Medium Armor, depending on how mobile you want to be during battles. The Light variant isn’t a terrible option, but will lower defense significantly. 

Life Staff Skills: Equip the Holy Trinity of Beacon, Sacred Ground, and Light’s Embrace. Healers can replace Light’s Embrace with Divine Blessing, depending on how allies utilize other abilities. 

Best Void Gauntlet Builds in New World: Attributes, Tree Skills & More!
Void Gauntlet and Life Staff Build

Void Gauntlet Skill: First, pick up the Oblivion and Baleful Tether to apply deadly debuffs on the enemies. Then, pick the Void Blade to make sure you pack a punch while fighting. While paired with others, take the Essence Rupture for effective healing. 

Lastly, take the ultimate on the left tree for additional sustenance, which comes in handy with the Void Blade. 

II. Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlet

A build with these gauntlets is deadly against mobs that players are likely to face during expeditions. The AOE damage of the Ice Gauntlet will eliminate every enemy around the place. While the Void Gauntlet restores health and mana, to prepare yourself against more enemies. 

Attributes: Here, the character has to focus on Intelligence keeping it at 200. Supply the remaining points on other traits like Focus on 100 and 50 on Constitution. 

Armor: Use Medium Armor if you want to fight in close quarters. On the other hand, Light Armor is applicable for players that want to keep their distance against the enemy. 

Best Void Gauntlet Builds in New World: Attributes, Tree Skills and More!
Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlet Build

Ice Gauntlet Skills: The star of the show here is Ice Storm, which will deal massive damage and wipe out enemies close to you. Another ability to equip is Ice Shower to help keep opponents in one place. 

You can pick between other abilities, but my personal favorite is the Ice Tomb, which gives back mana over time and puts you in an invulnerable state.

Void Gauntlet Skills: Pick the Void Blade here to gain the ability to replenish health and take close-range fights. It’ll combine well with Ice Shower, where you can cover the distance while keeping opponents immobile. 

Another option is the Orb of Decay that’ll attack enemies from a distance, leading to them not being able to get near you. 


These are the best Void Gauntlet builds I could find while playing New World. It is beneficial for those that are team players and lone wolves that venture all across Aeternum. 

There are still countless possibilities with various weapon combinations, which will expand as new updates come out. Therefore, don’t be afraid and try making your personalized builds with the Void Gauntlet.

About New World

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Amazon Games set to be released on August 31, 2021. The game was previously scheduled to release in May 2020 but was delayed to its current date.

Set in the mid-1600s, players colonize a fictional land known as Aeternum Island, modeled after North and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean. The game will be using a buy-to-play business model, meaning there will be no monthly subscription fee.