Unlocking Doors and Discovering Weapons: Far Cry 6 Du or Die Guide

Unlocking Doors and Discovering Weapons: Far Cry 6 Du or Die Guide

Far Cry 6 challenges players to uncover secrets and hidden areas to complete missions and move ahead in the main storyline. For example, players have to break into Fort Quito and steal a cache of depleted uranium, locked away behind metal doors.

However, many players have found themselves aimlessly running around the area to figure out a way to open a locked door in the armory. To help them out, I’ve made this guide explaining the solution for the locked door to complete the Du or Die mission in Far Cry 6.

How do you unlock the door in Fort Quito in Far Cry 6? 

Unlocking Doors and Discovering Weapons: Far Cry 6 Du or Die Guide
Take the Key to Unlock the Door at Fort Quito

You need to find a key on a briefing room table to unlock the door at Fort Quito. To get it, go towards the opposite direction of the locked armory and open the door at the top. Then, turn right on the open doorway and grab the Fort Quito key on the far end of the long table. 

Using the key opens the armory door, and players can access a massive box of depleted uranium. Take it back to Jaun Cortez, and you’ll learn how to make dangerous weapons that’ll come in handy during missions. 

But there is an alternate route for Dani to approach this mission and find the key, which may change your routing into Fort Quito. 

Taking a Stealthy Approach to Fort Quito

Unlocking Doors and Discovering Weapons: Far Cry 6 Du or Die Guide
Head Towards the Main Bridge

Dani should head towards the main bridge to take a purely stealthy approach in the Fort Quito mission. Here, you’ll need to take a different route to avoid killings and steal the uranium without making any noise. 

Then, head under the bridge and find a walkway that leads to a ledge encircling the fort. Walk around the left side of the area, where the walkway will lead to a window. 

Unlocking Doors and Discovering Weapons: Far Cry 6 Du or Die Guide
Climb Into the Window

After climbing into the window, you’ll reach the briefing room that holds the security key. Take it from the table to access the armory where the uranium is stored. 

After that, sneak out of the room and go down the closest stairs to find the armory door. Open it with the key and head inside. Finally, loot the container and leave the fort. 

Note: Players can also find a Yaran Sr-A sniper rifle in the FND crate, found in the armory. Make sure to pick it up before venturing back. 

On top of that, players can find additional weapons in this area. To specify, you can find a pistol in the Yaran Contraband Chest that makes it easier to complete missions after Fort Quito. 

How to get the Fort Quito Yaran contraband chest in Far Cry 6?

You can find the Yaran contraband chest deep inside the Fort Quito basement in Far Cry 6. To acquire the chest, attempt the Du or Die mission after collecting the uranium in the basement. 

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Contraband Chest Location

To find the contraband chest, you should enter a wooden door between the cages of Fort Quito’s yard. Then, descend using the ladders or stairs in the surroundings until you reach the very bottom of the fort. 

From there, you’ll find yourself in a room with a cage full of crates. Among them, there is a weapon chest locked behind the door. However, the door is locked, and there’s no key to open it. 

Unlocking Doors and Discovering Weapons: Far Cry 6 Du or Die Guide
Break the Sheets with Melee

The solution here is pretty simple. Players need to walk around the cage until they see a plywood wall on the fence. Next, pull out your melee weapon and use it to break the sheets to create an opening for you to enter. Finally, go to the chest with a crocodile craving on it to get your reward!

Rewards from Fort Quito Contraband Chests

Unlocking Doors and Discovering Weapons: Far Cry 6 Du or Die Guide
The Autocrat

Players can find the Autocrat pistol, the first unique weapon they’ve seen in Far Cry 6. It’s considered the best early-game firearm within this in-game atmosphere. 

The Autocrat pistol will be a massive upgrade for those who use the PMM as their secondary weapon. Additionally, you can modify the firearm to boost the damage and reduce the recoil, perfect for the first few hours of the game. 

About Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is the latest insallment in the Far Cry series developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is an open-world, first-person action adventure title, and is set for a 2021 release.

Players will take control of Dani Rojas, a freedom fighting guerrilla, who is trying to overthrow the local dictator Anton Castillo. Far Cry 6 is based on the fictional island of Yara, and has been called the largest map of any Far Cry game yet. Players will have access to a variety of hand-made weapons and local vehicles in their fight against the forces of Castillo.