Everything You Should Know About Lockpicking in Resident Evil Village

Everything You Should Know About Lockpicking in Resident Evil Village

Locked doors and cabinets have been the bane of gamers since the start of time. You thought the objective was right in front of you? Boom! Locked gate. Different games have different approaches when it comes to picking locks; Resident Evil 8 Village takes a refined path.

Locks in Resident Evil Village can only be picked by using the ‘lockpick’ that you can pick up in-game. RE Village does not have a lockpicking mini-game, and you just have to utilize a lockpick in your inventory to pick a lock.

Everything You Should Know About Lockpicking in Resident Evil Village
Lock Pick in RE8 Village

Once you enter a locked drawer or a locker, it will show up in your inventory, and you can use a lockpick if you do have one. It’s always handy to have one or two lockpicks on you available, but they are pretty hard to come by, and the first one doesn’t show up in the game too early. Follow this location guide for easy lockpick locations.

1. Resident Evil Village Lockpick Locations

Once you find out the lock locations, they will appear on your map until you use a lockpick on them. You will find pickable locks long before you find lockpicks, so don’t get dejected if you don’t find a lockpick early on.

AreaLockpick Location
Castle DimitrescuAttic, corner table
Armory, back of the room with some pipe bombs.
Table between Kitchen and Dining Room
Heisenberg’s FactoryB3, left cabinet at the end of the giant drill tunnel room.
B4, the desk in the Operating Room, after you power the generator.
House BenevientoNear the W870 Shotgun in the garden shack.
VillageAcross the Iron Insignia gate, inside the outhouse.
In the well behind the first house in West Old Town. Use the water wheel.
The well behind the Craftman’s hut, at the bottom of the ladder.
Waterwheel house near the grenade launcher.

2. Locked Drawer Locations in RE Village

Once you have your lockpicks, you need locked stuff to open. Locked drawers are hard to miss as they are bigger and more noticeable than the lockpicks.

Everything You Should Know About Lockpicking in Resident Evil Village
Locked Drawers in RE 8 hold Untold Treasures
Castle DimitrescuHall between Kitchen and Dining RoomWooden Angel Statue
Room before the BedroomShotgun Ammo
Right Hall, Upper Opera HallSniper Rifle Ammo
Heisenberg’s FactoryHallway before operating roomYellow Quartz
Drawer right outside Heisenberg’s quarter on B4Magnum Ammo
The VillageThe first house in the VillageSniper Rifle Ammo
House left of Maiden War StatueShotgun Ammo
House right of Maiden War StatueShotgun Ammo

3. About Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom. It is the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and the tenth major installment in the Resident Evil series.
The story begins with Ethan Winters and his wife Mia living happily in a new place, free from their past nightmares, a few years after the horrifying events in the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Just as they are starting their new life together, they are once again struck by tragedy. When Captain Chris Redfield of the BSAA attacks their house, Ethan has to go to hell again to get back his kidnapped daughter.