Intel Plans 12th Gen Alder Lake and Z690 Platform Launch for Next Month!

Intel Plans 12th Gen Alder Lake and Z690 Platform Launch for Next Month!

Intel has finally revealed the final launch dates for their 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPUs and the Z690 platform. The company is planning to bring a completely new architecture and IPC improvements, and the chip design will be getting an entire overhaul. The 12th Gen Core family will be amongst the first consumer-centric desktop launch of a hybrid x86 processor.

Intel Plans 12th Gen Alder Lake & Z690 Platform Launch for Next Month!
Alder Lake | Source: Intel

Both the Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake Unlocked Desktop CPU and Z690 platform will launch on 4th November 2021.

The 12th Gen Core processors will be included in the Intel Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU lineup. The lineup will begin with the introductory ‘K’ and ‘KF’ chips which more mainstream variants from early 2022 will then follow.

The 12th Gen Core processors and Z690 motherboards will be available by 4th November at 6:00 AM PT. The company plans to hold a pre-launch announcement next week where they would reveal the prices, specifications, and general performance numbers of the next-gen family during 27th and 28th October, during the ‘innovation’ event.

This isn’t the first x86 CPU with Intel’s hybrid architecture for consumers, but it is the first proper release with optimizations. Lakefield is a bit of a test case for the hybrid architecture approach, even though it was limited to a few laptops.

Alder Lake is primarily focused on both desktop and mobile platforms, and it will also receive scheduling and core optimizations within Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system.

Alder Lake-S will also set the path for its next-generation Core series, which leverage a lot from the hybrid architecture and increase reliance on Big and Small cores. In the case of Alder Lake, we will be getting the Golden Cove architecture on the Performance Cores and the Gracemont architecture on the Efficiency Cores.

Intel Plans 12th Gen Alder Lake & Z690 Platform Launch for Next Month!
Intel | Source: Intel

Intel also has plans to rehaul the desktop platform in the form of 600-series chipsets. This new 600-series is going to debut with Z690 motherboards that will support both K and non-K chips.

The new platform will feature support for DDR5, PCIe Gen 5.0, and several key features along with enhanced overclocking capabilities. These new motherboards will be available on the same day as the Alder lake-S Desktop CPUs, with the DDR 5 memory kits being available slightly earlier.

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