Intel Alchemist GPU Images Appear Online, Q2 2022 Expected Release

Intel Alchemist GPU Images Appear Online, Q2 2022 Expected Release

The market’s GPU shortages continue, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from announcing new products. While we expect NVIDIA and AMD to keep pumping out new cards, a new challenger has entered the arena: Intel. The company is looking to launch its own range of graphics cards, and we now have some images and an expected release date for the same. 

The images which have appeared online show the first iteration, the Alchemist from the Arc range. This information comes from the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead, the host of which is thought of as a reliable source for information on Intel hardware. 

The images show a silver, almost chrome, piece of hardware with black fans. There is also an interesting concentric look on both the 512EU and 128EU versions of the card. The video states that these photos are very similar to the renders doing the rounds a little while back.

This comes hot on the heels of the specs of the Alchemist being made public. The maiden graphics card will have 32 Xe Cores, each having 16 Vector Engines and 16 Matrix Engines, totaling 512 Execution Units. This means that the Arc Alchemist is on track to beat some of the most powerful NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards on the market right now.  

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The video stresses that the first GPU will likely be available sometime in Q2 2022, a little later than the expected Q1 release. The host states that the earlier date refers to the release of the laptop versions of the GPU, while the desktop versions will likely need more work on their drivers and hence will launch later. 

The gaming and PC hardware market is still going through a severe shortage, so it will be interesting to see how Intel will cope with the deficit. The company’s CEO himself thinks that the crisis is likely to go on till 2023, so the tech giant will need to devise a way it can get its products into the hands of enough consumers.

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