Intel Arc 128EU Potential Price and VRAM Capacity Speculation Now Out

Intel Arc 128EU Potential Price and VRAM Capacity Speculation Now Out

Ever since Intel announced that they too would be getting into the GPU manufacturing ring, PC gamers and hardware enthusiasts have been trying their hardest to find out new information from any credible source possible. We now have more details on the Alchemist cards and a rough estimate of how much the lower-spec variant would be priced. 

In a recent video, the host of Moore’s Law Is Dead on YouTube speaks about the upcoming Intel GPU with leaked information about the 128 Execution Units version. It seems like the 128EU model will ship with 6 GB of GDDR6 RAM over a 96-bit bus for the desktop variant and 64-bit for the laptop variant. 

They explained that if the GPU comes with 6 GB instead of 8 GB, and is running on lower power than the other cards, the price for this unit could be around $179 as it is from a cheaper manufacturer. It is also possible the card may go for even lesser than that speculated price, but we have no confirmed amount yet. 

Intel Arc 128EU Potential Price & VRAM Capacity Speculation Now Out
Intel Arc | Source: Intel

When compared spec-wise with the competition, Moore’s Law Is Dead states they believe the Intel Alchemist 128EU could be on par with, if not better than, the NVIDIA GTX 1650, which was released last April. It appears this variant of the Arc model will be an economical GPU for those who are looking for a new graphics card but are not up for paying for the high-spec products from NVIDIA and AMD. 

Intel’s Alchemist cards are expected to launch by Q2 2022, but we don’t have any official release date. Some laptop versions will be coming sooner and are expected to be available sometime after the holidays. Intel appears to be targeting the low end of the graphics card market while also trying to create some space for itself amongst the more high-end products currently available.

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