Arc A380 Has a Memory Speed of 15.5 Gbps, Not 16 Gbps– Intel Clarifies

Arc A380 Has a Memory Speed of 15.5 Gbps, Not 16 Gbps– Intel Clarifies

The Arc series by Intel is a game-changer for gamers and creators alike. The first variant from the lineup, the Arc A380, was only recently made available exclusively in China.  

The GPU acquired a lot of praise given the advanced features at the starting price of just $150. However, new information has come to light, and it is quite interesting, to say the least! 

Intel has changed the memory specs for the Arc A380 desktop GPU.  

Arc A380 Has A Memory Speed Of 15.5 Gbps, Not 16 Gbps– Intel Clarifies
Intel Arc A380 Desktop GPU Memory Specifications | Source: Intel

The memory speed for the GDDR6 memory support is actually 15.5 Gbps and not 16 Gbps, as said earlier. The bandwidth has also been reduced to 192 GB/s from 186 GB/s.  

This case of misinformation seemed strange as the custom A380 Photon model was equipped with 15.5 Gbps memory and did not match the officially provided specs.  

Intel also claimed that while the card supports HDMI 2.1, it depends on the manufacturers to enable it.  

There have been no other changes, and so far, the first Arc variant looks pretty solid in terms of performance. The Arc series is based on Xe-HPG architecture with 8 Xe-Cores. No information about further releases has been made public yet.  

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