Intel XTU gets Raptor Lake update with “Efficient Thermal Velocity Boost” & per-core/package OC TVB support 

Intel XTU gets Raptor Lake update with “Efficient Thermal Velocity Boost” & per-core/package OC TVB support 

The highly anticipated 13th gen Core CPUs named ‘Raptor Lake’ by Intel are coming in the second half of 2022. According to Intel, these new CPUs will boast a double-digit performance boost, improved hybrid CPU architecture and new Digital Linear Voltage Regulator (DLVR) power delivery which is likely to be featured on the 700-series motherboards. Raptor Lake CPUs will also have 32 cores, and upgrade from the 24 cores of the previous generation.

The CPUs were also confirmed to have new and improved overclocking features, but we weren’t sure exactly what were they. Although we might have some details revealed in the latest Extreme Tuning Utility v7.8.0 update.

Intel XTU gets Raptor Lake update with “Efficient Thermal Velocity Boost” & per-core/package OC TVB support
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility v7.8.0 | Source: Intel

This XTU update brings Efficient Turbo Boosting, per-core and package OC TVB support to the raptor Lake CPUs. Thermal Velocity Boost, also called TVB was first released with the Rocket Lake series about a year ago and is now being updated for Intel’s 12th and 13th gen CPUs.The ETVB mode or Efficient (Thermal Velocity Boost) is a brand new feature that can be something similar to AMD’s PBO2 (Precision Boost Overdrive 2). 

What is even more interesting is that according to a hardware leaker, Raichu, we might see the Raptor Lake series reach a clock speed of 6 GHz for the first time ever. We already expected Raptor Lake CPUs to one-up the overclocking speeds from the Alder Lake series, but 6 GHz is a number I bet no one expected. The leaker suggests that the frequency will appear in one SKU.

It looks like Intel has got its cannons ready to fire against the 5.5+ GHz clock speeds from Zen 4-powered AMD’s Ryzen 7000 chips and some SKUs which are rumoured to reach even 5.85 GHz. While the Ryzen 7000 series is to feature 3D V-cache technology with enhanced gaming performance, this update might just be an answer from Intel to tackle AMD.

Although the Efficient TVB feature might only apply to some SKUs such as the flagship Core i9-13900KS. Similarly, the TVB clocks are only available with Core i9-12900KS special edition processor which has 5.5 GHz clocks for 1-2 cores out of the box. It looks like there’s an intense battle going to unfold between Intel and AMD in the second half of 2022 and we might just see bigger surprises from both of them. 

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