Job Listing Hints That Bioshock 4 Will Run on Unreal Engine 5

Job Listing Hints That Bioshock 4 Will Run on Unreal Engine 5

Everything about Bioshock 4, right down to the name of the game, is unconfirmed and under speculation at the moment. Rumors have been pointing towards the fact that the series will be taking an entirely new direction by making Bioshock 4 an open-world RPG but again, this is just a rumor. However, it seems some concrete information has made its way to the forefront.

Cloud Chamber Studios, the new game development company that will be in charge of putting the new game out, has put out a new job listing for its Montreal office. The company is on the lookout for a Senior Gameplay Programmer and the job details clearly state that applicants must be able to work within Unreal Engine 5.

Job Listing Hints That Bioshock 4 Will Run on Unreal Engine 5
Cloud Chamber Studios | Source: Cloud Chamber Studios

To be precise, candidates who apply should be able to use the engine to “work with existing systems while simultaneously building new technology in order to meet the team’s technical needs and goals.”

The job description also outlines that the company is looking for someone to take charge of the game’s world and player progression systems. All this makes it extremely likely that Bioshock 4 will run on Unreal Engine 5.

As per the Cloud Chamber’s job listing, the Senior Gameplay Programmer will also be responsible for collaborating with the Design, Animation, Audio, and Art departments. Together they will work on the previously mentioned progression systems from the ground up and carry them all the way to their finished state.

Along with that, staying up to date on new technological advancements in the gaming industry and developing new gameplay features and systems for Bioshock 4 will also be a part of their daily deliverables.

Basing a game on the swanky new engine has its pros but there are also a few cons that Cloud Chamber will have to contend with. Unreal Engine 5 will ensure that the game is graphically impressive but it will also give it a pretty large file size – a concern that many developers have raised with regard to the new engine.

Additionally, this will impact players too as they will have to overcome the limited storage issues on their consoles to accommodate games based on the engine.

But from the sneak peeks we’ve got at the Engine’s performance over the past year, this seems like a sensible pay-off. After unveiling it for the first time last year, Epic Games streamed another Early Access showcase of the engine on Wednesday that focused on all its development tools.

Job Listing Hints That Bioshock 4 Will Run on Unreal Engine 5
Unreal Engine 5 | Source: Unreal Engine

Prior to the event, Unreal also dropped a whole bunch of informational videos on these tools which you can read about, and check out, in the story linked below.

BioShock 4 is currently in development.

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