Mass Effect Legendary Edition Players Face Bugs at Launch

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Players Face Bugs at Launch

As fans get their hands on the long-awaited remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the online communities are buzzing with activity, and it isn’t all the good kind of chatter. Now that’s not to say that all the bugs are overwhelming or game-breaking – something Cyberpunk 2077 should learn about – but they are definitely noticeable. A heavy Day 1 patch is also planned for the game.

The remastered trilogy brings with it a host of visual improvements, numerous DLC and much more. But it also brings its fair share of bugs, mainly related to character models and animation. And you don’t have to get too far in the game to encounter the bugs. As many players have pointed out, Kaidan seems to lose his weapon in the very first mission. While it’s not game-breaking, it definitely is comical to see him standing there holding an invisible rifle.

Later, when the team has made it into the Citadel, Shai’ra the Consort also seems to be acting pretty strange. A bug results in her eyes moving all over the place, and there also seems to be an issue with her ability to track the player.

In another instance, a player encountered a biotic cultist who seems to be permanently trapped in a falling animation, as the character keeps bobbing and jumping while standing on a ramp.

But it’s not just new glitches that players seem to be encountering. There is a familiar sprint glitch that has made a return. One player has uploaded a clip of Shepard running with his arms manically waving in the air and also seems to be firing a weapon without actually holding one.

Another player has stated that a helpful bug is still present within the game: infinite paragon/renegade points. To activate this bug, the player will have to go to Noveria and speak to the Turian Loriq Qui’in. Repeating the conversation allows the player to infinitely collect renegade and paragon points, depending on the speech options selected.

However, there do seem to be some serious bugs and glitches for Xbox players. People have reported that the game randomly keeps crashing, ending people’s chances to make any progress. This bug is present on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, where players are sent back to the dashboard while they try to play.

EA has acknowledged this issue and has said that a fix is on the way. While you wait, they have recommended that players wait till the title screen of any of the three games before connecting any peripherals such as wireless headsets.

We’re expecting EA to release patches addressing these issues soon, especially the one for Xbox users.

About Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

The first three original games of the franchise: Mass Effect(2007), Mass Effect 2(2010), and Mass Effect 3(2012), will be fused together. The outcome of this amalgamation will be known as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. These classic games of the past will be given a modern touch.

To make this game a fit for the modern hardware, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will carry a plethora of enhancements. Expect to see a game with improved revamped dynamic shadows, volumetrics, textures, redesigned character models, depth-of-field, etc.