Leak Suggests AC Valhalla’s Third DLC Might Be Set in North Africa

Leak Suggests AC Valhalla’s Third DLC Might Be Set in North Africa

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has received plenty of post-release content support from Ubisoft with the highlights being the Ostara Festival and Wrath of The Druids.

The latter was the first DLC to come out for the title and took players to the shores of Ireland.

As per Ubisoft’s content roadmap, the next DLC to follow will be The Siege of Paris which will take players to Francia to overthrow its oppressive government.

Ubisoft has not detailed any more content that will follow after this Parisian adventure, but according to a reliable leaker, an unannounced third expansion is currently under development.

YouTuber J0nathan uncovered information about the DLC while delving into AC Valhalla’s files.

According to J0nathan, the third expansion is codenamed Meteor and is being developed by Ubisoft Sofia, the company’s Bulgarian studio.

This is corroborated by a file named DLC_EXP3_Meteor, which is joined by files named DLC_EXP1_Ireland, DLC_EXP2_Francia; obviously, these are files of the previously mentioned DLCs.

The theory that Ubisoft Sofia is developing this DLC is also supported by files that exist in the game.

Grouped with a file called “ACK_EXP3Meteor_Prototypes” are several lines of code that contain the letters “TST_SOF,” which presumably point to a test of the DLC content done by the Bulgarian studio.

If this is true, it could mean that Ubisoft Sofia has paused, or has been diverted from, its work on the unannounced Assassin’s Creed game about Richard the Lionheart, code-named Stella. This unannounced title was also leaked by J0nathan several months ago.


As for where Meteor will be set, J0nathan believes it will be in Muspelheim which, following an AC Valhalla theory means, North Africa.

This theory states that each of the Norse realms corresponds to a real-world location, and according to the game’s Narrative Director Darby McDevitt, Mupelheim equates to all “Northern Africa.”

There is also a file titled “LocationWorldEntry_ACK_DLC_Muspelheim” in the game’s files, but as per J0nathan, this might refer to removed or abandoned game content.

J0nathan also says that it doesn’t seem like Meteor was a part of Ubisoft’s plans as the DLC’s files only showed up in the game after a content update at the end of March.

However, does the DLC figure in Ubisoft’s current plans? We’ll only find out once the company puts out an official confirmation. 

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