Dual Chipset Confirmed for the ASUS X670 Prime– Circuit Details Leaked

Dual Chipset Confirmed for the ASUS X670 Prime– Circuit Details Leaked

As Computex 2022 approaches, many have been waiting for a hint about AMD’s next-gen lineup. Well, good news awaits them.  

Gigabyte has announced that it will be unveiling the high-end AMD X670 motherboards for the Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ series.  

Fans would glimpse the X670 AORUS Xtreme, X670 AORUS Master, X670 PRO AX, and the X670 AERO D motherboards as part of the X670 series chipsets. This event will occur after AMD takes the stage on 23rd May 2022.  

A recent leak on Twitter confirmed the rumors of a duo chipset motherboard for the AMD Zen 4 devices. The user @9550pro posted two images; one with a circuit layout and the other with the words “PRIME X670-P WIFI.1.03TX“, indicating the design of the mentioned model.  

The circuit design clearly shows two chipsets, as highlighted.  

The image features the PCB design of the ASUS X670-P Prime WiFi motherboard.  

The exact spots of the AM5 LGA1718 socket, four DIMM DDR5 memory slots, M.2 Gen5 interface, and one PCI-e 5. x16 interface can also be seen.  

Keep in mind that this is only a rumor. As suggested by some, the chips might be Promontory chips from ASMedia, AMD’s usual partner. The specific advantages of having two chipsets are unknown, but this seems like an exciting upgrade for the Zen 4 processors.  

Gigabyte and ASRock have also announced their motherboards for AMD Zen 4/7000 series.  

Gigabyte will showcase AM5 motherboards with top-notch design and the best I/O feature set, as hinted at by Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD.  

Dual Chipset Confirmed For The ASUS X670 Prime– Circuit Details Leaked
Dr. Lisa Su | Source: AMD

On the other hand, ASRock also promises “the most powerful AM5 product ASRock can offer“.  

It has almost confirmed X670 motherboards as someone discovered a private YouTube video with the description 

ASRock reveals a series of motherboards based on the revolutionary AMD X670 chipset. The new motherboards are equipped with many exciting features and new technology such as PCIe 5.0 & DDR5 capability, the insane IO capability including the support of Thunderbolt 4.0 has pushed the X670 platform even further into high end desktop category. 

Private YouTube Video Description

This is a lot of news to take in, we agree.  

But for this year’s Computex 2022, we are looking at AMD’s 7000 series and its supporting chipset announcement, (maybe) Gigabyte & ASRock’s motherboards, and some worth-mentioning RDNA 3 GPUs.  

These will provide us with an insight into what we can expect from the upcoming platforms. So, brace yourself because there will be even more news coming soon! 

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