All Lincolnscire Ealdorman Choices and Consequences -AC Valhalla

All Lincolnscire Ealdorman Choices and Consequences -AC Valhalla

The Lincolnscire Ealdorman choice in AC Valhalla according to the “Where the Stone Falls” quest hands over quite the decision to Eivor. Eivor needs to decide who is worthy to be the next Ealdorman for Lincolnscire. But every decision has major consequences, so be ready for anything if you attempt this option filled quest in the game.

The quest will trigger immediately after you finish the Salve for a Fresh Wound and The Thegn of Lincoln and speak to Acha standing next to the Licoln synchronization structure in Lincolnscire. Although all three candidates may seem worthy of the title, if you pay attention to their conversations, you will get clues and assurance to make the best choice.

Now, let’s get into the details of the Where the Stone Falls quest before you make the decision.

1. Where the Stone Falls Quest in AC Valhalla

All Lincolnscire Ealdorman Choices and Consequences -AC Valhalla
Where the Stone Falls Mission Location

The “Where the Stone Falls” quest in AC Valhalla is part of the Lincolnscire area of the game. The quest assigns Eivor with the task of selection and voting for the next Ealdorman. The three choices given are: Vote Aelfgar, Vote Hunwald, or Vote the bishop Herefrith.

All Lincolnscire Ealdorman Choices and Consequences -AC Valhalla
Voting Hunwald

Hunwald is the best Ealdorman of Lincolnscire in AC Valhalla’s Stone Falls quest choice. Once you choose him, the Ravel Clan will have strong ties with Lincolnscire and Hunwald will come to Eivor’s help everytime.

Once players choose Hunwald, bishop Herefrith’s true colors are revealed and Eivor later finds out about his tie ups with the Order of the Ancients. The game also has enough instances where Hunwald appears as a kind and well natured man. So, you can vote him without having to think about any repercussions.

Hunwald being the Ealdorman leads to the castle siege at Anecastre and another Order of Ancient mission is also completed. Later, you will find Hunwald as the leader and the bond with Raven clan will remain strong.

Spoiler– Hunwald will die in the battle against King Alfred, no matter what option you may choose.

2. The Other Choices and Their Consequences

i. Voting Aelfgar

All Lincolnscire Ealdorman Choices and Consequences -AC Valhalla
Voting Aelfgar

Voting Aelfgar is also a good choice in the game. Aelfgar as the Ealdorman will have similar consequences as Hunwald’s choice. The only difference is choosing Aelfgar, Hunwald and his lover Swanburrow will join Eivor’s clan in Ravensthorpe.

Although, Aelfgar is a good option for the Ealdorman, compared to Hunwald, he is rather not that helpful of an ally. Hunwald will come to Eivor’s aid whenever he is called and prove to be a strong ally. Eivor’s decision on not choosing Aelfgar can also be solidified by Aelfgar’s suspicious act during their hunting trip.

Besides, Aelfgar will eventually be the Ealdorman after Hunwald’s death. So, it is better to choose Hunwald as the best option. Let him rule Lincoln and serve his father’s purpose till his last breath.

Also, do remember, Bishop Herefrith will attack immediately regardless if you choose Hunwald and Aelfgar. So, make sure you are prepared for a fight.

ii. Voting Herefrith

All Lincolnscire Ealdorman Choices and Consequences -AC Valhalla
Voting Herefrith

Voting Herefrith is the worst choice in the game. Not only does he lie about becoming an ally but the Lincolnscire arc ends right after he is elected. It is later found out that he is a member of the Order of the Ancients and Eivor needs to hunt him down.

After finishing the Jorvik arc, Randvi sends a message that the bishop has turned against his people and you need to eliminate him. After Herefrith’s death, Aelfgar is elected the next Ealdorman and Hunwald goes to Ravensthorpe.

Although Raven clan’s alliance with Lincolnscire builds after Herefrith’s death, it is still a hassle to have to travel back to Lincolnscire and kill him, after he is revealed to be a member of Order of the Ancients.

So, if you want a good ending to the Lincolnscire arc, you should choose Hunwald and proceed the rest of the game with him as a dedicated ally, but if you want a challenge, you can choose Herefrith and enjoy the thrill of hunting down this member of the Order of the Ancients!

3. About Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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