Major Details Leak for AC Valhalla’s Siege of Paris DLC

Major Details Leak for AC Valhalla’s Siege of Paris DLC

As per Ubisoft’s content roadmap, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is getting a total of two DLCs, one bonus mission, and four batches of free season content. The two DLCs are titled Wrath of the Druids and The Siege of Paris, with the former being set in Ireland and the latter being set in France.

While the former DLC and the bonus mission (The Legend of Beowulf) have already been released, the latter DLC is set for a summer release. But its far-away release period has not stopped plenty of information about the DLC from surfacing.

The Siege of Paris DLC, as the name implies, will take players to the land of Francia, which is ruled over (in the game) by Charles the Fat. Barely any official details about the expansion have been revealed so far by Ubisoft except for some artwork and the short marketing blurb on AC Valhalla’s official website. However, French YouTuber J0nathan, who has a history of putting out accurate information for AC Valhalla, has revealed some exclusive information about the upcoming DLC.

INFOS EXCLUSIVES SUR "LE SIEGE DE PARIS" : histoire, map, ennemis, date de sortie (AC Valhalla)

In addition to the map of Siege of Paris, which J0nathan leaked at the beginning of last month, the YouTuber has now revealed more exciting information that they found under the hood, within the game’s files. In the May leak, J0nathan explained that the story of The Siege of Paris would occur in the capital city and several small villages in Normandy. Additionally, the game’s files also indicate that one-handed swords will be coming to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the second expansion.

The game’s files also reveal more information about the expansion’s storyline. Charles the Fat, the great-grandson of Charlemagne, has united the kingdom of Francia under a single king for the first time in a century. The monarch is now in the midst of waging a long-running war against the Norsemen who have settled in Francia, and those across the Channel fear that England could be next. To deal with this eventuality, the settlement of Ravensthorpe must send an emissary to make an ally of Francia and avoid war.

A potential period in which the Siege will take place has also been detailed. The expansion will take place in 885, several years after the events of AC Valhalla, which takes place between 872 and 878.

The Siege of Paris is expected to arrive this summer, but as spotted by J0nathan, the PlayStation Store specifies that all of Valhalla’s season pass content will be available by November 9. Given that Siege of Paris is the only season pass content yet to release for the game, this implies that the expansion will remain under development until then. Let’s hope that the folks over at Ubisoft are fast workers and can get us the expansion at the earliest.

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