New Mod Makes RE Village’s Giant Vampiress Lady Dimitrescu Even Taller

New Mod Makes RE Village’s Giant Vampiress Lady Dimitrescu Even Taller

As if those smitten by Lady Dimitrescu haven’t been having enough of a ball already, a new mod for Resident Evil Village might just make her more, erm, desirable to gamers.  For those who simply aren’t satisfied with being brutally cut down by a gigantic 9’6″ vampiress, players on PC now have the option of making her even taller.

The mod, titled ‘Taller Alcina Dimitrescu’, comes courtesy of Raq and is available on their Nexus Mods page. The mod runs as expected: download it, extract it to your mods folder, and once you boot up RE Village, you’ll see that Lady D has gained another few feet of height. However, Castle Dimitrescu does not adjust itself to accommodate this dramatic increase in height so you’ll see Lady D clip through doors instead of ducking under them properly.

There’s a simple antidote to this: you can shrink her or make her human-sized with the ‘Shorter Alcina Dimitrescu’ mod. Both Taller and Shorter mods work with any alternate skin(s) mods, so if you have any other outfits in play for Lady D, you’re still good to go.

New Mod Makes RE Village’s Giant Vampiress Lady Dimitrescu Even Taller
Giant Vampiress Lady Dimitrescu | Source: Nexus Mods

RE Village has been a favorite for modders ever since its release last month. From adding the ridiculous to the useful, modders have made the record-breaking title even more entertaining than it is by itself. Although we must specify that more mods figure in the ridiculous category than they do in the useful ones.

For instance, there are mods that add an FOV slider and give you more melee weapons to choose from. But there are also mods that replace Moraica enemies with Ghostface from Scream, or put Spongebob in every painting in the game.

However, the mod community remains focused on Lady Dimitrescu as mods that make her the protagonist or ones that add a Lady D and Thomas the Tank Engine hybrid to the game’s creepy setting, become all the rage. For all the new delights or horrors that modders will inflict on us in the near future, we wait with bated breath.

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