Marvel’s Avengers Patch Adds New Missions and a Lot More!

Marvel’s Avengers Patch Adds New Missions and a Lot More!

The first real event for Marvel’s Avengers is rolling out soon and fans of the game are in for some new content. After months of what has been the same content rotation, the Tachyon Anomaly Event is a milestone in the journey of the game and is also a hopeful sign of things to come. The event starts on April 22nd and a patch for the game should be released today to lay the foundations and make some more improvements.

Marvel’s Avengers Patch Adds New Missions & A Lot More!
Marvel’s Avengers | Source: Microsoft

The recent patches for Marvel’s Avengers have been focused on resolving bugs and making other minor quality of life improvements, but this new patch takes it even further and brings some major enhancements in addition to the regular list of fixes and other maintenance. Along with setting the stage for the Tachyon Anomaly and Temporal Assault, v1.6.0 also brings a new Tachyon mission, animated nameplates, new custom HARM room enemy options and operation replay options. Patch v1.6.0 is slated for release today i.e. 21st April.

That is a lot of new stuff for players to explore and mess around with, so this is going to be a major update to the game. Some members have been voicing their frustrations regarding the animated nameplates on Reddit and other forums, but many others will be happy they have something new to collect and earn.

The Tachyon Anomaly Event

The event begins on the 22nd of April and lasts until May 3rd. The event includes the Temporal Assault, a new Tachyon Rift Mission, lower-level Tachyon Rift Missions and Animated Nameplates.

Marvel’s Avengers Patch Adds New Missions & A Lot More!
Iron Man-Avengers | Source: Steam

Temporal Assault Event

AIM has been tampering with time and the Tachyon Anomalies are the result. Players can now have more than one of the same hero in their Strike Team and during matchmaking.

Daily missions for this event will reward Priority Set gear for the Hero being used, regardless of the level. Completing this weekly mission will reward 1 piece of gear from the Hivemind set per Hero above PL120. Heroes below PL120 will receive an Epic item instead.

New Tachyon Mission

The Tachyon Rift Mission: And We’re Back will take place in the City biome.

Animated Nameplates

Temporal Assault Nameplates which are animated nameplates are going to be added. Players will receive an animated team nameplate as a reward for the first completion of the weekly mission chain or daily mission that can be used on any Hero. Subsequent completions of the missions will not award more nameplates. Additional Hero-specific nameplates are available in the Marketplace.

Custom HARM Room Updates

Two new enemy groups have been added to the Custom/Intel HARM Room – Dreadbots and Airborne. The Dreadbot groups are wave focused on Dreadbot enemies, and the Airborne group is themed around all flying enemies.

Operation Replay

Operation: Taking Aim and Operation: Future Imperfect are both now available for replay.

The additional notes also detail the other improvements to the core solo and multiplayer game experience. Players, hopefully, should be able to download the patch this morning and be ready for the event to begin tomorrow.

About Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is an action-adventure video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix.

It follows the Earth’s mightiest heroes in a cinematic story that is quite enthralling and a must-experience for every Marvel fan!

After a terrible incident happens on the A-Day, the Avengers were forced to disband. But now, five years later, a mysterious force known as AIM seems to be keen on bringing about havoc on the entire world.

Seeing this, a young hero sets out on an adventure to bring back the Earth’s greatest superheroes once again!