Fan Project Adds Landmark Audio Tours to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Fan Project Adds Landmark Audio Tours to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Since Microsoft Flight Simulator has been out for so long, modders have had the time to think of genuinely path-breaking additions to make to the experience. This newest mod exemplifies just that and brings audio tours to landmarks and points of interest around the world within the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has also received some official updates, bringing VR and even more planes, such as the Top Rudder Solo 103 – the game’s first paid DLC. But modders have gone above and beyond the usual fare and added things fans wouldn’t have usually expected, such as a pilot-able helicopter that looks and operates just like the real thing from another game called FlyInside. This new mod could easily add a lot more hours of gameplay for fans.

Now, a new mod called Bushtalk Radio is set to add fully-voiced audio tours to almost 9,000 points of interest within Microsoft Flight Simulator. This includes places added from the recent World Update 4. The voice has been AI-generated but sounds very much like a calm, professional tour guide. Users themselves can create scripts for new locations and submit those to Bushtalk Radio, which will then generate the audio and add it to the mod.

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Players can access the audio tours from within the cockpit toolbar and make use of the real-time tracking of their flight, allowing the audio tour to organically start playing when the player is near a point of interest.

Fan Project Adds Landmark Audio Tours To Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator | Source: Microsoft

The mod is updated monthly with new audio tours and covers everything from places such as the Chrysler Building in New York City to the Galapagos Islands. It also has an impressive amount of detail for those who are expecting accurate information. The website for Bushtalk Radio features an interactive map where users can view and sample any of the audio tours. The website also has a tool that allows users to add notes from Wikipedia to help flesh out scripts. The tours are very informative and span for several minutes, perfect for players who want a relaxing tour of the nearest landmark.

This mod streams its audio from the Bushtalk Radio website, so you don’t need to be worried about it adding too much to the game’s already massive install size. To install the mod, players need to create an account, download the small files and add them to the Community Folder. The mod is free for now, but Bushtalk Radio does have a Patreon, as their mod uses a paid service to generate the AI voiceover. The server costs for hosting all of this content must also be relatively high.

Fan Project Adds Landmark Audio Tours To Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator | Source: Xbox

So, if you’re looking for a calming voice telling you all about the next landmark you’ll fly over, this mod seems to be the perfect addition for you!

About Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developed by Asobo Studio, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an Amateur Flight Simulation game available for Microsoft Windows. It will also be launched later for platforms like Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

By utilizing intricate topographic data from Bing Maps along with real time weather forecasts, one will surely be flummoxed by setting eyes upon the game’s phenomenal optic spectacle. Its almost unjustified to call this masterpiece a simulator when its life-like realistic. From incorporating snow-bested mountain range to clamoring towns and cities, almost every little detail of this gem is breathtaking.

Not only are the graphics authentic, its gameplay too is hair-splitting and diligent. From take off and landing to engine inspection; Everything should be looked into with perfection. One will have to get used to the physics of the game along with figuring out how to travel by utilizing VFR navigation.

Innumerable challenges, dares and missions are also incorporated in order to further spice things up along with a worldwide leaderboard to see and compare the progress of countless other pilots.