Flight Simulator 2020: Steam Users Appeal for Extended Refunds

Flight Simulator 2020: Steam Users Appeal for Extended Refunds

After a hard day at work, Flight Simulator by Microsoft might just be the game you were looking for to relax. The easygoing nature, ideal low-stakes, alleviating gaming experience fused with exact realism makes this game a must buy.

It possesses the calibre of transcending one to a whole new dimension brimming with tranquillity.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is also a bulky game which will occupy about 127GB of a system’s storage!

After downloading a portion as small as 532MB of this digital marvel from Stream, the rest of the chunk is installed through an in-game download mechanism.

The Valve developed digital distribution service, Stream, offers a spell of two hours to users for reimbursing a game.

This strategy is intended to safeguard gamers from being left with a game that doesn’t run smoothly on their apparatus. Those who want an additional attempt at a game are also benefited by this approach.

Dreamliner! (Boeing 787) - Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Note that the in-game installation proceeding takes more than two hours. Therefore, even when a gamer is downloading this hefty game, the Stream servers are piling on those minutes as ‘play time.’

All the enthusiasts were visibly exasperated by this and a fanatic’s review on Stream read “Microsoft, why did you have me install Microsoft Flight Simulator on Steam? I have to keep the game open to download content through your own servers.

Now I am unable to get a refund because I need to keep the game open to download the game in the first place. This is redundant and I hope Steam fixes this issue.

It is unacceptable for someone to boot up the game and have eight hours of non-game-time because they were downloading the game.”

“The time it takes your machine to download the additional content will not be counted against the Steam Refund Policy. We are working with Microsoft to see if we can improve the download experience.”

Doug Lombardi, Marketing Vice President,Valve

In conclusion, no aid is provided by Stream whatsoever. One will need to have an unbudgeable, high-speed internet connection to install and play the Flight Simulator.

This is the chief reason for Microsoft Flight Simulator having mediocre reader reviews as the refund policy of Stream was enormously excoriated.

Launched on 18th August, the base variant of the Microsoft Flight Simulator is priced at 59.99$. While the deluxe and premium editions will cost interested buyers 89.99$ and 119.99$ respectively.

About Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

Developed by Asobo Studio, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an Amateur Flight Simulation game available for platforms like Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X.

By utilizing intricate topographic data from Bing Maps along with real time weather forecasts, one will surely be flummoxed by setting eyes upon the game’s phenomenal optic spectacle.

Its almost unjustified to call this masterpiece a simulator when its life-like realistic. From incorporating snow-bested mountain range to clamoring towns and cities, almost every little detail of this gem is breathtaking.

Not only are the graphics authentic, its gameplay too is hair-splitting and diligent. From take off and landing to engine inspection; Everything should be looked into with perfection.

One will have to get used to the physics of the game along with figuring out how to travel by utilizing VFR navigation.

Steam Users Make an Appeal for Extended Refund Window
Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) | Source: Microsoft

Innumerable challenges, dares and missions are also incorporated in order to further spice things up along with a worldwide leaderboard to see and compare the progress of countless other pilots.