Win Free Game Pass Ultimate for Life with Microsoft Rewards Promotion

Win Free Game Pass Ultimate for Life with Microsoft Rewards Promotion

The Xbox Game Pass has quickly become one of the most popular gaming subscription services on offer. With a library consisting of hundreds of games that include both next-gen AAA titles as well as classics like Myst and The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, the service is a fantastic deal for gamers.

Now, Microsoft is taking it to the next level by offering the deal of a lifetime.

Win Free Game Pass Ultimate for Life with Microsoft Rewards Promotion
Xbox Game Pass | Source: Official Website

Currently, Microsoft Rewards allows players to redeem points for free coupons. Players can now use those points to enter a sweepstake to win a free “lifetime” Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. The cost for entry is 200 points for every entry and includes a commemorative card with the winner’s Gamertag.

Those who are interested have until the 22nd of September to sign up for these sweepstakes. Availability is dependent on the region, but it has been confirmed to be available in the US and UK.

When Microsoft says a “lifetime” membership, the terms and conditions have brought this down to 40 years of free games. That’s not a small amount of time by any means, but it definitely feels like Microsoft is trying to be a bit clickbaity.

Winners will also have the choice of exchanging the free Game Pass membership for a prepaid gift card worth $180 every year. This option will be made available at any point through the 40 year period.

Win Free Game Pass Ultimate for Life with Microsoft Rewards Promotion
XBox | Source: Official Website

The company will also be limiting winners to one per region, so the odds of winning are pretty low. But, 200 Microsoft Rewards points isn’t too steep a price, especially not when compared to the thousands needed for regular rewards.

Rewards members can earn these points in several ways, including 3 Rewards Points for every Bing search. Other methods include completing daily, weekly and monthly tasks on the Microsoft Rewards website and app. Current Game Pass members also have special opportunities to win additional points.

So, if you’re feeling lucky and want to stand a chance to win 40 years of Game Pass Ultimate, then make sure you enroll in the sweepstakes before the deadline.

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