Modding Tools for Mass Effect Legendary Edition Have Arrived

Modding Tools for Mass Effect Legendary Edition Have Arrived

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the new-gen reboot for the Mass Effect trilogy, has seen a fair share of mods ever since its launch earlier this year. But the modding community for the game has been hard at work on a toolset that will push the boundaries on how much modders can alter the game. And now, it is here.

Legendary Explorer - Now Available (Bleeding Edge Mass Effect Modding Toolset)

The toolset is Legendary Explorer (LEX)and is now in public beta as per an announcement by Mass Effect Modding Community on Twitter. The mod is set to be beneficial to both mod users and prospective mod authors.

The former group will start to see proper package-file DLC mods appearing on Nexus Mods very soon, while the latter will now have the tools to make the mods they’ve always desired.

While the tweet specifies that this is not the full release and also warns players that “LEX IS NOT YET STABLE”, it’s evident that people at Nexus Mods people (some of whom had pre-release access) are already taking advantage of it.

Mass Effect Modding Community is holding out on full release until bugs in the beta are fixed.

Mass Effect fans have been an integral part of Legendary Edition’s journey so far through mods and other means.

For example, when gamers struggled with the new title due to the lack of an FOV slider, fans came through with a Cheat Engine that brought an effective workaround for the issue. 

Modders also did something unprecedented for the game by adding significant changes to the main story. These changes came in the form of same-sex relationships between many of the game’s characters, the storylines of which were discovered in unused audio files.

Modding Tools for Mass Effect Legendary Edition Have Arrived
Mass Effect Legendary Edition | Source: BioWare

This made for an interesting addition to the remaster’s content and a big win for the game’s LGBTQ+ fans.

With LEX Beta officially deployed, it’s going to be fascinating to see what new changes modders bring to the game. But since the toolset is yet to arrive in full, it might be a while until fans get to see its true potential. Let’s hope Mass Effect Modding Community is done fixing those beta bugs very soon.

About Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

The first three original games of the franchise: Mass Effect(2007), Mass Effect 2(2010), and Mass Effect 3(2012), will be fused together. The outcome of this amalgamation will be known as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. These classic games of the past will be given a modern touch.

To make this game a fit for the modern hardware, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will carry a plethora of enhancements. Expect to see a game with improved revamped dynamic shadows, volumetrics, textures, redesigned character models, depth-of-field, etc.