Motherboard Manufacturers Disagree with Intel’s Efficient PSU Plans

Motherboard Manufacturers Disagree with Intel’s Efficient PSU Plans

Intel is all set to launch its new Alder lake CPUs later this year. The new line of processors is hotly anticipated by fans and motherboard manufacturers alike, as we can expect some insane performance numbers.

But, it seems the motherboard manufacturers have some beef with Intel. Specifically concerning the efficient PSU plans Intel has proposed.

Motherboard Manufacturers Disagree with Intel’s Efficient PSU Plans
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The company has been trying consistently to get manufacturers to move to its more energy-efficient ATX12V0 power standard, which has been designed keeping in mind the 12th generation CPUs. But the problem is, this move would require some pretty significant, and also awkward, changes from the manufacturers of both motherboards and PSUs.

So, Intel has been met with a “united front of rejections” from both sides.

The new power standard would deliver a single rail of 12V direct current through a 10-pin connector instead of the current 24-pin alternating current standard. This would require a complete rehash of motherboard and component designs, which would also be quite expensive.

Some reports from Igor’s Lab (via Sweclockers) also raises the concern around compatibility issue with motherboards currently in the market, and could potentially also cause major rifts in the industry.

So, it comes as no surprise that there is a reluctance to move away from a standard that has been in place for the past 25 years. However, it’s not just manufacturers who will face problems, but end-users as well.

Most people will need to switch to the new PSU, which would be a hefty investment. This is especially true for those who just bought a new PSU, which can be used in future PC builds.

There is also the issue of compatibility and how much hardware would work with a new standard. All of this could result in the requirement of some new and costly parts for the PC to work with the new current standard. The price of the compatible motherboard, given that it is new tech and not in mass production as yet, will also be high.

Motherboard Manufacturers Disagree with Intel’s Efficient PSU Plans
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Intel, on the other hand, is advocating for this power supply standard as it would be far more efficient as compared to the current standard. According to some initial tests, idle power consumption could be cut down to less than half of what the present standard consumes.

So, while you will be making a dent in your power bill, and also helping the environment, jumping onto this standard is not only going to be expensive initially, but is also going to take a while for it to become widespread amongst manufacturers. That is, after they stop rejecting it.

The first round of Alder Lake S CPUs are set for a late October/early November launch with the K and KF models and the Z690 motherboard chipset. However, given the launch is just around the corner, we doubt the proposed power standard will gain much traction by then.

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