MSI to phase out the out-of-favor Intel Z790/B760 DDR 4 motherboards

MSI to phase out the out-of-favor Intel Z790/B760 DDR 4 motherboards

Around last month, reports emerged that Intel was directing its partners to discontinue the Z690 and B660 chipsets at the end of this quarter.

Now, as per the latest reports, MSI has planned on discontinuing the Z790 and the B760 chipsets featuring the old DDR4 technology, with no plans on restocking the inventory with new units once the currently existing stock is bought. 

The main board factory of MSI also shared board numbers that are set to be discontinued:

  • PRO Z790-A WIFI DDR4
  • PRO Z790-P DDR4
  •  B760 MORTAR DDR4

With the increase of DDR5 support and the decrease in the price-to-performance ratio of DDR4 weakening, DDR5 is favored by gamers, professionals, and general users alike.

MSI to phase out the out-of-favor Intel Z790/B760 DDR 4 motherboards
Z790 motherboard with both DDR4 and DDR5 support

The decline in prices as well as an increase in supply, has titled the scales sharply in favor of DDR5 over its predecessor. This makes complete sense for MSI to adapt its strategies timely and concentrate on market segmentation.  

The Z790 DDR4 motherboards that shall stay unaffected by this are the Z790P and PRO, both of which come in Wi-Fi and without Wi-Fi support variant. The absence of the MAG Tomahawk design supporting DDR4 from the list was also noted.

MSI to phase out the out-of-favor Intel Z790/B760 DDR 4 motherboards
The Z790 Edge Wifi DDR4 motherboard that is set to be discontinued

The B760 series on the other hand, sees only one out of the available twelve boards set to be phased out. This makes sense, given that mid-range builds are “more likely to feature older standards than high-end systems”.

MSI’s stance has become clear despite no official confirmation of their plans for the future. However, this move makes it clear that DDR5 is the future and is here to stay.

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