Free Mobile Games May Be Coming Soon to Netflix

Free Mobile Games May Be Coming Soon to Netflix

Netflix is easily one of the most widely used OTT platforms globally. And while it has dominated the movie and TV show streaming sector, Netflix may be looking at getting into the gaming industry as well.

In a recent quarterly letter to investors, the company has outlined a plan for a new expansion into the world of video games.

The Wrap obtained this letter, and it states, “Games will be included in members’ Netflix subscription at no additional cost similar to films and series,” so there isn’t going to be any new subscription plan for the gaming service.

We don’t know yet if Netflix will be making its own games or if the service will host third-party games such as Apple Arcade. The company has said, “Initially, we’ll be primarily focused on games for mobile devices.”

This isn’t the first time a non-video game company has tried to enter the sector. Amazon Game Studios was a massive fail and showed that simply pumping money into a venture doesn’t guarantee its success.

So, Netflix may not get into making their own games for a while, but the streaming giant is well known for giving creative control over to the content creators.

This may be enough to entice some developers to want to create games that can be hosted on Netflix.

Netflix also has the advice and guidance of Mike Verdu, a former EA and Facebook executive who has helped bring games to Facebook’s Oculus platform.

He has also been the person who represented the Command & Conquer and Medal of Honor series and has been bought on as Netflix’s Vice President of game development.

Free Mobile Games May Be Coming Soon to Netflix
The Witcher | Source: Official Website

The streaming service is no stranger to video game-related content. Both Castlevania and The Witcher TV shows have been massive hits on the platform. The Witcher Season 2 has also been confirmed, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be getting some Netflix-inspired DLC as well soon.

The company has also contracted outside help to create a Stranger Things video game and Netflix Infinite Runner, which featured characters from Narcos and Orange is the New Black.

A data miner, Steve Moser, recently revealed that Netflix’s gaming feature is operating under the codename “Shark,” and he has also found a sharkfin logo, along with an image of the PS5 DualSense Controllers, and images of Ghost of Tsushima.

While this may hint at a partnership with Sony, everything is still very much up in the air right now.

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