Play as Pagan Min in Far Cry 6’s Newest Piece of DLC ‘Control’

Play as Pagan Min in Far Cry 6’s Newest Piece of DLC ‘Control’

At this point, the Far Cry series may have some mechanics that feel repetitive; claiming towers to open up the map, clearing out outposts, experience points for new skills, etc. But, if there is one thing the fans don’t mind getting more of, it’s the list of charismatic villains that have been at the crux of every Far Cry story.  

Far Cry 6 is now making the most of those villains by letting you get into their minds and their shoes. 

Play as Pagan Min in Far Cry 6’s Newest Piece of DLC ‘Control’
Far Cry 6 Control | Source: Ubisoft

Far Cry 6’s first piece of DLC was called Vaas: Insanity and featured an almost roguelike game with the titular villain from Far Cry 3, Vaas.  

Now, the newest DLC, named Pagan: Control, is out, and we step into the shiny, leather shoes of Pagan Min from Far Cry 4. The DLC is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and PC. Ubisoft released a new trailer setting up the story of the expansion, and it will be available as part of the $50 Far Cry 6 Season Pass. 

In the Pagan: Control DLC, we will be playing as the self-styled King of Kyrat Pagan Min in a roguelike shooter taking place inside the villain’s mind. While in Vaas’ quest, players were searching for fragments of an ancient dagger, Pagan Min’s is more personal as he experiences a dream version of Kyrat on a mission to rescue an imaginary incarnation of his daughter Lakshmana. 

Pagan: Control DLC #2 Launch Trailer | Far Cry 6
Pagan: Control DLC #2 Launch Trailer | Far Cry 6

Lakshmana is mentioned early in Far Cry 4, but the meaning isn’t apparent unless players unlock a secret ending. Those who chose to spare Pagan Min at the end would learn Ajay Ghale’s mother Ishwari had an affair with Pagan and gave birth to Lakshmana.  

However, Lakshmana was killed by Ajay’s father before Ishwari killed him and fled the country. Pagan attributes the death of Lakshmana to his change into a despotic madman. 

It seems the developers of Far Cry 6 are trying to humanize the past villains and make players sympathize with them. This new trailer shows that Pagan could have become a completely different man if he had his daughter by his side. We’re hoping that the Pagan: Control DLC can live up to the high bar set by Insanity. 

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Players will take control of Dani Rojas, a freedom fighting guerrilla, who is trying to overthrow the local dictator Anton Castillo. Far Cry 6 is based on the fictional island of Yara, and has been called the largest map of any Far Cry game yet. Players will have access to a variety of hand-made weapons and local vehicles in their fight against the forces of Castillo.