Valheim’s Hearth & Home DLC is Introducing a Bunch of New Foods

Valheim’s Hearth & Home DLC is Introducing a Bunch of New Foods

Valheim started out as any other indie title and then blew up to become one of the most popular games on Steam.

Since its launch in February, the game has been in Early Access and has primarily seen quality-of-life updates to maintain playability and manage the crazy traffic it’s been getting.

Developer Iron Gate was to launch more content-laden updates in Q2 2021 but had to shift plans to Q3 as the team had to work on the patches mentioned above. Finally, the time for a new DLC for Valheim is here, and the first in line is Hearth & Home.

Hearth & Home will add more customization options for in-game homes and change various other sections of the game, including the food system.

Iron Gate has been revealing all these changes through a video series on YouTube titled Hearth & Home Spotlights, and the latest one details all the new ingredients coming to the game.

Hearth & Home Spotlight: New Ingredients
Hearth & Home Spotlight: New Ingredients

One of the highlights of the video above is that Iron Gate is introducing more meat variants with the new update. 

Rather than a universal slab of flesh, Valheim will now have deer, boar, and wolf meat up for grabs, and each will have a distinct appearance.

Additionally, each meat will be color-coded depending on what stats it boosts: health, stamina, or a mix of both.

Players will also get access to a new plantable onion which will unlock a range of new recipes for players to try out. Cauldrons will also become upgradeable through cooking extensions, and items like bread and pie will need to be baked.

If you’re dissatisfied with your food intake for the day, a new type of berry will allow you to vomit out all that you’ve consumed.

Other changes to the food system include the replacement of the current food bar with a timed bar. This bar will show exactly how long is left before players need to eat again.

Valheim’s Hearth & Home DLC Is Introducing A Bunch of New Foods
Valheim | Source: Steam

The Hearth & Home update arrives in Valheim on September 16. If you wish to know what other changes the update is bringing to the Viking co-op, go and click on the button below.

Valheim’s ‘Hearth And Home’ Update to Launch on September 16

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