Next Generation of Windows to Be Unveiled on June 24th

Next Generation of Windows to Be Unveiled on June 24th

Microsoft had earlier teased the next generation of Windows at Build last week, and it has now announced that the next generation of the operating system will be revealed on June 24th at 11 a.m. Eastern. The company has already begun to send out invites to the media and has revealed that CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Product Officer Panos Panay will be leading the event.

Nadella had previously mentioned at Build that he had been testing the new OS for the past few months. He said,

We will create more opportunity for every Windows developer today and welcome every creator who is looking for the most innovative, new, open platform to build and distribute and monetize applications.

Satya Nadella
Next Generation of Windows To Be Unveiled June 24th
Satya Nadella and Microsoft | Source: Microsoft

That is most likely alluding to the rumors of an update coming to the Windows Store, making it easier and more financially beneficial for third-party developers to offer their apps to customers.

The event’s announcement is hot on the tails of the news that Microsoft has ended work on Windows 10X, a variant of the OS being developed for dual-screen devices. Last year, Microsoft shifted the focus of 10X to single-screen devices to give competition to Chrome OS. The company now plans to bring some features from 10X to the standard version of Windows 10.

Next Generation of Windows To Be Unveiled June 24th
Windows 10 | Source: Windows

Many people speculate that we can expect to see some significant changes in the next generation of windows. This includes a change of UI, more accessibility features, better optimization, and easier workflows. We can also expect to see a lot of Windows 10X features make their way into the update. While we don’t have too many dual-screen devices on the market, an OS designed with the form factor in mind may encourage more manufacturers to create their own products.

Microsoft also needs to work on its support for ARM devices, as the current OS actually holds back flagship hardware such as the Surface Pro X. Apple has already made the jump to ARM-based M1 chips, and now Microsoft has the chance to help PC makers do the same.

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