New RE Village Mod Changes Moroaica Enemies to Ghostface from Scream

New RE Village Mod Changes Moroaica Enemies to Ghostface from Scream

It’s only been a week since Resident Evil Village arrived across platforms but that hasn’t stopped modders from taking to it like moths to flame. The mods have been of varied types, with some bringing handy features and changes and others adding our favourite childhood cartoons like Barney the Dinosaur and Thomas the Tank Engine to the game.

The latest mod to come out introduces another pop culture icon to the game by replacing the Village’s shady Moroaica Enemies with another creepy countenance. And this character is none other than Ghosftace, the chief slasher from popular 90s film franchise Scream.

Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries Ghostface (Moroaica)

There is no doubt that RE Village players are very familiar with the Moroaicas but for those that are not, Moroaicas are reanimated corpses found skulking around in various locations in RE Village. These locations include the Dungeons and Courtyard of Castle Dimitrescu, Pathway of House Beneviento, and Moreau’s Laboratory.

What GeorgeIE00’s Ghostface mod does is replace these creepy zombies with Scream’s slasher. The appearance of Ghostface is based on the original look from the movies and not the redesign that was done for the horror game Dead By Daylight.

But the great part is that mechanics of the Moroaicas remain in play, so expect a dangerous sword or sickle swipe. What you shouldn’t expect is mysterious phone calls about your preferences for scary movies. Additionally, another handy feature of the mod is that you can experience it in both the normal gameplay of RE Village as well as in the game’s Mercenaries mode.

You can find the mod on GeorgeIE00’s Nexus Mods page. One look at their mod history should tell you that they are a modding veteran with many builds created for the Resident Evil series. For instance, one of George’s mods morphs the Nightsister Zombie enemies from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order into Jill Valentine Resident Evil 3 remake.

Other mods that concern Resident Evil change Leon into the Joker for the Resident Evil 2 Remake, change Leon into Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, and replace Billy Coen in Resident Evil 0 with Edward Dewey, another character from the game.

Since RE Village has been here for only a week, it seems like the modding community has barely scratched the surface in terms of coming up with creative changes for the game. However, there are plenty of features and pop culture strongholds yet to be included, so let’s see what the mod factory churns out in the next couple of months.

If the mods for Valheim are anything to go by, there is no doubt that the mods for Village are going to be quite the trip.

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