New Valheim Patch Cools AI Aggression; Buildings Now Safer from Attack

New Valheim Patch Cools AI Aggression; Buildings Now Safer from Attack

Praise be to Odin, the monster mob rule in Valheim was short-lived. Our buildings are safe again.

Developer Iron Gate’s latest patch for Valheim reduces AI aggression significantly and brings down the damage monsters can do to structures. 

New Valheim Patch Cools AI Aggression; Buildings Now Safer from Attack
Valheim Maypoles | Source: Twitter

So, while all the beasts of the Norse afterlife will now focus more on attacking you, any low-priority structures in their way, like walls, might catch a bit of a beating. But all the structures you’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears for, like towers, ports, etc., are now a little safer.

This patch was necessitated due to a Valheim update from earlier this week, which made monsters hell-bent on destroying any building around them.

However, what was weird about this was that they did so while completely ignoring players. Additionally, if a player got close to a monster busy pummeling a wall, the monster would get confused between bringing down the said wall and start attacking the player.

So naturally, this led to many complaints from players perturbed by how focused monsters were on destroying property, which led to Iron Gate dropping this fix.

“We hear you,” Iron Gate says in the patch notes while also adding that tweaks in the monster AI “make them behave better when attacking structures, etc.”

From what we know, the patch works and has made the required improvements. As per Eurogamer, monsters are now more focused on players than buildings, and the combat is now less buggy than it was after the previous update.

Additionally, if you choose to stealth around a couple of buildings and are discovered, the monsters will attack you and not the buildings, which is excellent.

So, now, players can rest easy knowing that vandalizing monsters won’t target their marvelous structures. However, a little caution is advised as the monsters will still come for your heads.

About Valheim

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