New PS5 Update Brings a Much-Awaited Feature for Guide Writers!

New PS5 Update Brings a Much-Awaited Feature for Guide Writers!

The PlayStation 5, while not readily available, is definitely easy to update. The over-the-air updates bring a host of new features and improvements to the console, and the latest one is no exception. In fact, it adds a feature that should make guide writers and those who take a lot of screenshots in general very happy.

New PS5 Update Brings A Much-Awaited Feature for Guide Writers!
Playstation 5 | Source: Playstation

What could easily be called the PlayStation 5’s most significant software update has gone live today. It brings a number of tweaks to several features along with adding some very important game-changing new ones.

Many of these have already been outlined by PlayStation via a blog post. A smaller, but still important new feature has been found by those who already have their hands on this new update.

Highlighted by Twitter user Nibellion, their post shows that we now can disable the notification that appears when taking a screenshot. This option can be found under the PS5’s button mapping options. This was a feature already present on the PS4, so users were obviously a little annoyed that it wasn’t present on the PS5 before.

The issue of the notification comes in when someone tries to take multiple screenshots in a row. As the notification is present in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, any subsequent screenshots taken quickly after the previous one will also have the notification present.

Aside from this small but helpful tweak, the update has also added some major new features. These include support for SSD storage expansion and the option to use the PS5’s 3D audio through the TV’s speakers.

The second is evidence of just how amazing the PS5 is as a console and entertainment device. The DualSense controller will use the mic to determine the room’s acoustics, which will allow your PS5 and speakers to create a more immersive audio experience.

New PS5 Update Brings A Much-Awaited Feature for Guide Writers!
PS5 Controller | Source: Playstation

The update is live, and PS5 users will be able to download it the next time they connect to the Internet. Expect some UX changes as well, and the update will be adding a new Trophy Tracker. The tracker will allow you to keep up with 5 trophies at a time through the control center, eliminating the need to leave the game to constantly check on their progress.

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