Early Wii Remote Designs Revealed Through Nintendo Gigaleak

Early Wii Remote Designs Revealed Through Nintendo Gigaleak

The Gigaleak Nintendo faced last year is still bringing new information to light. First, a lot of data was leaked, including information about a possibly Ocarina of Time 2, Star Fox 64 files, early Nintendo prototypes, and much more.

Now, we have some information regarding the Wii or, more specifically, the Wii Remote.

Early Wii Remote Designs Revealed Through Nintendo Gigaleak
Wii Console | Source: Wikipedia

The Nintendo Wii is amongst one of the most successful consoles in gaming history, and one of the biggest draws of the system was the console’s family-focused approach.

The design of the console went through several iterations before we got the final retail product.

The controller was possibly one of the most crucial design aspects, with the simplistic button layout and easy-to-use motion controls, and the most recent leaks show some of its earliest designs. 

The image was first shared by @forestillusion, known online Nintendo historian, on Twitter, and it shows five different Wii Remote images. The first concept looks very similar to the final Nintendo Wii product.

All that’s missing is the speaker (at least in the images), and the ‘1’ and ‘2’ buttons are labeled as ‘X’ and ‘Y’ buttons instead. Also, the power button in the top left is a rectangle instead of the circle we have now.

The following two Wii Remotes look similar to the first, but with additional ‘L’ and ‘R’ buttons that wrap around the B in the middle.

The third option is also a bit larger than all the other options and has a small square button on the top right corner as well. Finally, the last two options’ designs are the most different.

Instead of the D-Pad at the top of the controller, it has been placed at the bottom, the ‘A’ button was placed on the face of the controller, a ‘C’ button was placed on the back, and an iPod Touch-esque circle pad surrounds the ‘A’ button.

According to recent information, Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo worked on the Wii concept for years before the official release. So, it is very likely that many designs were bounced around before the final layout was decided.

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