Nintendo Pulls Switch System Update 12.0.3 Shortly After Release

Nintendo Pulls Switch System Update 12.0.3 Shortly After Release

Nintendo has pulled the 12.0.3 update from the Nintendo Switch only a few hours after it was deployed for the handheld console. And nobody is clear on exactly why this has happened.

The update that began its journey to Nintendo Switch devices all over the planet on June 7 brought “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience” as per its patch notes.

Now, the patch notes mention that Nintendo has temporarily stopped distribution which would make this the first time Nintendo has done so with an update.

Additionally, there has been no official word from Nintendo on why this was necessary, but speculation is rife.

Many Switch users have taken to Twitter to list their issues with the update, and it seems everyone has a different gripe with it.

Some are saying it was affecting the downloading of new games and installation updates for existing ones. Others claim various glitches, such as not being able to transfer save data to a different Switch console or images and videos being deleted from their gallery.

However, many believe that these are all made-up issues and that the update only affects the eShop.

Nintendo Pulls Switch System Update 12.0.3 Shortly After Release
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A well-known Nintendo hardware Data miner Oatmeal Dome also provided their take on the update after a deep dive into its technical aspects.

They listed the update to only include a few minor fixes, such as updating the bad words list and improving connection to a server.

This server connection fix could corroborate the previously mentioned download issues. They also questioned the absence of TLSv1.3 support in the update.

At the moment, most Switch devices have gone back to the previous update on their own, while some devices still have the current update, which has become a cause for worry for some players.

We would advise that Switch owners wait for an official word from Nintendo on how to proceed if the old update refuses to leave and not to take any rash steps.

A little patience, and hopefully, you’ll be able to go back to playing your favorite Switch titles soon enough.

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