Nintendo Keeps Mum Despite Reports of a Switch Pro

Nintendo Keeps Mum Despite Reports of a Switch Pro

According to reports, Nintendo has been taking steps to ramp up production of the Switch, with a new high-end model dubbed the “Switch Pro” on the horizon. Nintendo, however, has remained silent on the issue, refusing to confirm or deny the rumor.

According to the report published on Nikkei, Nintendo has commissioned its manufacturing partners to increase the production of the Switch to 30 million units for the financial year ending March 31st, 2022. This would mark the highest ever production level for the Switch, despite being in just its fifth year since launch. The report did note that the number could vary due to the global semiconductor shortage.

Nintendo Keeps Mum Despite Reports Of A Switch Pro
Nintendo Switch | Source: Nintendo

The company has approached a number of parts makers about increasing production. Several officials admitted to us that they are considering expanding production.

The company is also expected to add a higher-end model with higher image quality, and this will be the first additional model of the Switch since the Nintendo Switch Lite, which was released in September 2019 and made it more portable.

Nikkei Report

A spokesperson for Nintendo responded, saying,

“There is nothing we can tell you about production numbers and higher-end models.”

Spokesperson for Nintendo

The higher-ups at Nintendo have denied every report so far regarding a high-end Switch. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa held a Q&A session in February with investors, where he was asked if people would hear about a Switch Pro. Furukawa responded with a very direct “Not anytime soon.”

Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser was also asked a similar question to which he replied,

“We’re just at the midpoint of this life cycle on this platform. Focus will be on the existing form factors.”

Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser
Nintendo Keeps Mum Despite Reports Of A Switch Pro
Nintendo Switch | Source: Nintendo

It seems Nintendo is quite happy with how the Switch has been selling so far and has no plans to bring in a new iteration of the handheld anytime soon. In March, Nikkei Business interviewed Furukawa where he said,

“Currently, the Switch’s sales are exceedingly favorable and achievements are also good, but I have zero peace of mind. No matter the hits, in the entertainment business, people someday do lose interest. Up until now, we have repeatedly had the experience of our business taking a nosedive.”

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa

There have been several rumors floating around regarding a Switch Pro. Rumors suggested that it would hit the markets before the end of the year and cost around $399.99. The new console was supposed to bring a new CPU, possibly an NVIDIA integration, more memory, and a seven-inch 720p OLED screen.

Whether or not we’ll get this console remains to be seen as there have been no official announcements from Nintendo.

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