Nintendo Switch’s New Update Adds Support for Bluetooth Audio

Nintendo Switch’s New Update Adds Support for Bluetooth Audio

For ages, enthusiasts and experts alike have sung songs praising the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. The hand-held console can run a plethora of AAA games while being accessed from anywhere. However, mysteriously it lacked one of the most basic functions that took long enough to be addressed.

Previously, the Nintendo Switch didn’t offer support for wireless headphones. It would’ve made sense if there was no Bluetooth connectivity, but it wasn’t the case. 

So, even in the presence of the Bluetooth feature, players had to rely on a wired headset or a wireless headphone adapter for audio output.

This was a massive nuisance that used to dent a scintillating gaming experience that the Switch had to offer but thankfully not anymore!

Nintendo of America took to Twitter to announce that the 13.0.0 Switch update will now let you pair Nintendo Switch to Bluetooth gadgets for audio output.

After updating the hand-held, you will be able to spot a brand new Bluetooth Audio section in the settings option under Controllers and Sensors. All you have to do is follow the instructions from there, and you’ll be able to pair your headphones.

As impressive as it is for gamers to finally have in-built Bluetooth audio support, it must be kept in mind that this feature has its own drawbacks.

A Nintendo Support article states that only two wireless controllers can be connected to the Switch while using Bluetooth audio. The company has also confirmed that a Bluetooth microphone cannot be used on the device.

Nintendo Switch’s New Update Adds Support for Bluetooth Audio
Nintendo Switch | Source: Nintendo

On top of this, only one audio device can be paired to Bluetooth at a time, but over ten devices can be saved on your system.

The Switch was the top-selling console in the US in Q1-Q2 2021, and there’s a clear reason behind that. The devs always put in a shift to improve an already popular device. We have already seen issues like Joy-Con Drift issues getting remedied.

Now the Bluetooth support is a welcoming addition to Nintendo Switch. Players can now fully immerse themselves in their favorite titles while wearing a wireless headset.

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