Specs Of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Super GPU Revealed Ahead of Release

Specs Of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Super GPU Revealed Ahead of Release

NVIDIA RTX 30 series cards have been challenging to get a hold of for the past year or so, but the situation seems to be slowly improving. But the availability of the cards, or lack thereof, hasn’t stopped the company from moving forwards with creating new models. A leaker has now revealed some of the specs we can expect from the RTX 3000 Super series.

Specs of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Super GPU Revealed Ahead of Release
NVIDIA RTX 3090 | Source: Nvidia

This information comes from well-known leaker kopite7kimi on Twitter, who has been gathering insider information about the specs and SKUs for the RTX 3060 Super, RTX 3070 Super, RTX 3080 Super, and also an RTX 3090 Super.

According to Kopite, we will get an RTX 3080 Super with 8,960 CUDA cores, up from the 8,704 CUDA cores found on the RTX 3080. However, we don’t know whether the card will feature NVIDIA’s rumored Ampere GA103 GPU.

The card will reportedly ship with 12GB of GDDR6X memory, a trait that is shared with the RTX 3080 Ti, and puts it at an advantage against the 10GB found on the base RTX 3080. Moving onto the RTX 3070 Super GPU, this refresh will now get a G6X memory upgrade. The RTX 3060 Super will feature 5,632 CUDA cores – 786 more than the RTX 3060 Ti.

Kopite’s information also covers NVIDIA’s potential plans for the RTX 3090 refresh, but the leaker seems skeptical about the card’s Super label. Doubts like this suggest that the GPU might utilize a completely different branding to the other RTX 3000 counterparts. This may hint at the Titan tag making a comeback, but it also leaves room for an entirely new property to be introduced.

While kopite7kimi is considered a reliable source for information of this kind, it should be noted NVIDIA has not released any official RTX 3000 Super plans. Kopite also seems to have doubts about some of the leak’s specs, so this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Specs of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Super GPU Revealed Ahead of Release
Nvidia | Source: Official Website

On the other side of the spectrum, AMD’s Radeon RX 6600 now has an official release date of October 13th this year, which means NVIDIA is most likely prepping to make an announcement soon.

An HP all-in-one gaming PC listing has also specifically mentioned the RTX 3080 Super, further fueling rumors of its imminent launch. This could just be an error from HP’s admin, but it could also mean that the new AIO might get an RTX 3080 Super upgrade in the future.

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