Rumors Say NVIDIA RTX 4000 Series Cards Could be Out by October 2022

Rumors Say NVIDIA RTX 4000 Series Cards Could be Out by October 2022

NVIDIA’s current RTX 3000 series cards are still hard to find in the market, but that hasn’t stopped the company from already moving ahead towards the next generation.

The RTX 3090 launched last September, so it’s been an entire year since the company released a new GPU. We now have news that hints at the next generation of RTX series GPUs releasing next year.

Many sources have been speculating that NVIDIA has already begun work on the RTX 4000 series, and the current possible release date has been stated to be “next October.” The RTX 30 Super refresh cards will be coming “early 2022”.

Rumors say that the next GPU will be codenamed “Lovelace,” but according to Twitter user Greymon55, the October release window may refer to the next generation of graphics cards in general and is not specific to the RTX 4000 products.

Rumors about NVIDIA’s “Lovelace” have been doing the rounds for a while now, but this is the first time a potential release date has been announced.

Greymon55 has suggested a few months back that the soon-to-be-released hardware will be using the TSSC 5nm process nodes.

But aside from vague information such as this, we don’t know how the next generation of NVIDIA RTX cards will be in terms of performance and specifics.

Rumors Say NVIDIA RTX 4000 Series Cards Could Be Out By October 2022
NVIDIA RTX 4000 | Source: NVidia

These are all still rumors as NVIDIA has not put out any official announcement. But if it is true, then the company may be aiming to release three SKUs for the October period, labeled AD102, AD104, and AD106.

The rumors of AMD developing the RX 6900 XTX could be why NVIDIA is getting ready to push out the new versions of its 30 series GPUs, and also why there is already talk of their next-generation launching soon.

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