Odysseus’ Struggle Vault Guide & Location – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Odysseus’ Struggle Vault Guide & Location – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Among all the other vaults of Tartaros, the Odysseus’ Struggle Vault is the one that gives you a major weapon to better your battles in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Located in the middle of Turtle Island, this is quite an easy vault to complete and also something you will definitely need to complete in order to progress further into the game.

One thing that I love about this vault in particular is how at the start of the vault, Prometheus is narrating Fenyx’s story to Zeus while you’re trying to focus on completing it. It just adds a special charm to Immortals Fenyx Rising’s hilarity.

But Odysseus’s Struggle Vault is not just fun and games. It’s mainly about the loot. Curious about it, right? Well, let me tell you what you get from the chest.

1. What Loot Do You Get from the Odysseus’ Struggle Vault?

Odysseus’ Struggle Vault Guide & Location – Immortals Fenyx Rising
Bow of Odysseus

On completing the Odysseus’ Struggle Vault of Tartaros, players can get Odysseus’ Bow to use Apollo’s Arrows. The vault also contains a part of Zeus’s Lightning and some jewels for the players to collect.

Now that you know the vault gives you a cool decked out bow, it’s likely that you’re curious about its location.

2. Location of the Odysseus’ Struggle Vault

Odysseus’ Struggle Vault Guide & Location – Immortals Fenyx Rising
Odysseus’ Struggle Location

The Odysseus’s Struggle Vault is located right in the middle of the turtle shaped island on Clashing Rocks. The Clashing Rocks area can be easily spotted towards the south side of the map of Isles.

Once you have located the map, you can go towards it but remember to kill the Gorgon guarding the vault first as it will give you the ‘Bracers of Herakles’ ability required to finish it.

3. How to Solve the Odysseus’ Struggle Vault Puzzle?

This vault is not that hard to solve. Just follow along to these instructions and you’ll be good to go.

  • To open the vault gates, you need to put the block on the two pressure plates, located on the ground. With the Herakles’s Bracers ability, the block will be easy to pick up.
  • As the vault mission starts, you just have to repeat the pressure plates puzzle a few more times by either pushing or dropping the block on them.
  • After you reach the Odysseus’s bow, you’ll be able to equip it but that’s where it gets tricky.
Odysseus’ Struggle Vault Guide & Location – Immortals Fenyx Rising
  • You need to shoot five targets to activate the chest to the vault. So, jump and start shooting the targets with arrows.
  • Start with the one closest to where the bow was kept. Then move on to the one on the other side of the barred window and then go for the third one. (The fourth target is where you need to use Apollo’s Arrow ability and guide the arrow towards the target.)
  • Once you shoot the fourth target, the door to the fifth one will open and you’ll find a door with an Omega symbol on your right side.
Odysseus’ Struggle Vault Guide & Location – Immortals Fenyx Rising
Fifth Target
  • To open the door, simply shoot the fifth target. (Try to shoot through the broken wall and use Apollo’s Arrow to guide it towards the target).
  • Finally you need to shoot the chain of the suspended block and place the broken ones on the pressure plates to unlock the vault chest and get Zeus’s Lightning.

And there you have it, another vault completed! Now go and try to use the fancy bow to fight some enemies.

4. About Immortals Fenyx Rising

Sharing the same developer DNA with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Immortals Fenyx Rising is yet another role-playing game by Ubisoft that will transcend you back in time.

The game takes players back to the days of Greek mythology where the gods have been captured by an abhorrent monster, Typhon.

In this gutsy adventure-packed game, it is only Fenyx, the  “forgotten” hero who can fight the brawny, nerve-racking foes and be the last ray of hope to save the Gods.