Playstation’s State of Play Might Be Held Early next Month

Playstation’s State of Play Might Be Held Early next Month

E3 2021 and Summer Games Fest gave prominent game developers like Nintendo, Ubisoft, and more the chance to showcase the games they will be releasing this year.

But one major name missing from both event rosters was Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

According to the rumor mill, SIE missed both events because it has an E3-level event already planned for this year. This event will take place sometime this summer and will most likely in Sony’s famous State of Play format.

Now, even though fans have made their anticipation for the event clear, SIE has not announced any official date for the same. However, according to French publication JeuxVideo, rumors indicate that event will take place on Thursday, July 8.

The outlet is basing this claim on a comment found on Reddit, so naturally, one mustn’t jump to any conclusions. But an observation made by GamesRadar concerning comments made during Summer Games Fest could confirm this date.

After industry veteran Hideo Kojima debuted his trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut at the June 10 event, host Geoff Keighley commented that we would find out more in the following weeks.

This indicates that an event that will focus on the game could be on the way, and since Kojima’s re-issue of the 2019 action-adventure is a PS5 exclusive, this event could very well be State of Play.

Another thing that hints at the July 8 date being accurate is that every preceding State of Play, including the ones that showcased Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West, have taken place on a Thursday.

Playstation’s State of Play Might Be Held Early next Month
Horizon Forbidden West | Source: Fandom

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Sony’s rumored plans to put out an E3-level showcase in 2021.

Navtra, a leaker who has an illustrious history of leaking accurate PlayStation news, is the one who first spoke of the existence of a State of Play event of this scale.

On June 13, they said that the event would be held in “a couple more weeks,” so even if the July 8 date is inaccurate, many fingers point to a date that is not very far away.

Whenever State of Play 2021 does occur, it will be most interesting to see if all the game-related rumors floating around come true.

Playstation’s State of Play Might Be Held Early next Month
Ghost of Tsushima | Source: Fandom

Many leakers claim that an expansion to Ghost of Tsushima titled Ghost of Ikishima is coming later this year. And keeping in mind that State of Play is an event that has seen huge announcements in the past, it’s entirely plausible that we’ll hear some AAA news.

That being said, until SIE itself confirms a date for the event or reveals any info on what the event will showcase, it would be wise for fans to keep their expectations under control.

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