Prison Architect is Free to Play Till October 11

Prison Architect is Free to Play Till October 11

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Paradox Interactive has announced that Prison Architect will be free to play till October 11, and will be available for purchase at a discount till October 12.

Since its official release five years ago, Prison Architect has remained a hidden gem in Steam’s ever-growing library of games.

It’s quite the unique prison management simulation where we, as the players, act as the wardens of prisons and have to invest, innovate, design, and develop a personalized jail for the prisoners.

Prison Architect is Free to Play Till October 11
Prison Architect | Source: Steam

Along with that, you can try out other player’s prison in an escape mode while perfecting your own in sandbox mode.

It is an entrancingly fantastic, complex, and highly satisfying experience that cannot be compared to anything else.

If you’re a returning player that perhaps picked the game a few years back and never touched it again, then you’ll surely be in for a big surprise!

In the five years since its release, the game has received numerous content-updates through free and paid DLC and has only been expanding since then.

Also, Paradox Interactive is pretty proud of the numbers that the game has accumulated since launch, seeing how they shared a few of the game’s accomplishments:

  • 8,951,166 prisons built
  • 806,190,699 inmates
  • 5,744,636 shakedowns
  • 2,783,852 tunnel searches
  • 1,775,636 lockdowns

If we take these numbers into account, it becomes clear that Prison Architect has come a long way since its early access phase that started back in 2012. Quite the success story, isn’t it?

Regardless, if you feel that such a game is up to your alley, definitely give this one a try, as it will leave you wanting more and more!

Prison Architect is Free to Play Till October 11
Prison Architect | Source: Steam

Now that the game is free for a short while till October 11, it is probably the best time to give it a whirl, and if you like, try and purchase the game, even if on discount, to support the developers!

About Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a prison construction and management simulator developed by Introversion Software. It started off as a crowdfunded paid early-access title in 2012 and was published by Paradox Interactive on 6 October 2015.

Here, you as the wardens of your prison, need to optimize and personalise the jail, whilst continuously investing and upgrading it, hiring specialists for the prisoners, and ultimately managing against prison escapes in “Lockdown Showdown.”

Prison Architect is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch