PlayStation 5’s Latest Software Update Has Just Been Released

PlayStation 5’s Latest Software Update Has Just Been Released

While not many people can claim to have a PlayStation 5 yet, Sony has been consistently releasing firmware updates for their next-gen system. Now, the company has just released firmware update 21.01-03.21.00, which can be downloaded manually or automatically if you have that setting enabled.

As with most PlayStation updates these days, the release notes for this update only state improved system performance. Unfortunately, we don’t have exact details about what these improvements to the system are, but it’s good to know that Sony is doing its best to iron out whatever bugs it comes across. 

If you have the automatic update download feature enabled, you will be prompted once the download is finished and can update at your leisure. If you prefer to download manually, you can do so via the PS5’s system menu. Go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update.

We’re expecting Sony to update the PS5 system update page quite shortly with the full release notes. The current system version 21.01-03.20.00 was released last month and bought several system performance improvements and various bug fixes to the PlayStation 5.

While the PlayStation 5 is now available globally, there is still a shortage in the console’s supply. With this crunch expected to continue till mid-2022, Sony fans have also been teased with a slew of new next-gen titles on the way. When writing this, we are just hours away from a State of Play event where we will undoubtedly be shown some new footage of a next-gen title.

Sony has also been considering an expansion into the mobile games and apps market. This would be a big move for Sony, as they have also been considering porting some PS exclusives onto PC. This idea of expanding to diverse platforms is an excellent way for Sony to increase revenue, but it also does hurt the exclusivity of the console.

PlayStation 5’s Latest Software Update Has Just Been Released
PlayStation 5 | Source: PlayStation

PlayStation VR is another topic that has been getting a fair bit of attention. Recent rumors suggest that the virtual reality platform for the PlayStation is going to have 4K resolution and feature gaze tracking and rumble.

The company has also planned to invest heavily into its exclusive IPs, so we can expect some new properties and franchises from Sony to be announced soon.

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