Red Dead Online Update Adds a New Contract and Other Content

Red Dead Online Update Adds a New Contract and Other Content

A new update has dropped for Red Dead Online and brings a lot of new content, including a new contract. Players will be able to avail themselves of the Dockside Contracts and other major events between now and early August.

The update was announced yesterday on Rockstar’s official Twitter handle, and you can head over to the developer’s website for all the details.

Along with the new Dockside Contract missions, players can also embark on an epic quest for a legendary ruby known as the Ember of the East. Those who manage to find this gem before August 2nd will gain access to some exclusive rewards.

Dockside Contracts consists of three new missions available from Red Dead Online’s Blood Money Contracts. Upon completion of all three missions, a fourth mission will be unlocked in the New Orleans-inspired city of Saint Denis.

While it’s better to understand the plan by playing it, Rockstar did mention a heist of a local shipping company would be involved.

Seeing as how they are related to the Blood Money Contracts, it stands to reasons that players will be helping the local mob expand their business portfolio.

But, given the proximity to water with these new contracts, we’re hoping Rockstar has fixed the boating-related bugs people have been encountering.

The other main addition is the Ember of the East Opportunity. While exploring, players may hear hushed rumors of a legendary gemstone hidden somewhere in the mining town of Annesburg.

Just like with the Dockside Contracts, we don’t have much info regarding this plot, but it seems the ruby may have something to do with a feud between the mine’s foreman and Senator’s liaison.

Intrepid players will be able to gather clues around the town, and those with a cool temper and sharp eye will be in for big rewards.

But if you prefer a more straightforward approach, the ruby can always be stolen by force. It is the Wild West, after all.

Red Dead Online Update Adds a New Contract & Other Content
Red Dead Online | Source: Official Website

As mentioned before, those who complete this Opportunity before August 2nd will unlock a free Off-Hand Holster. Those who like a challenge can also attempt the Opportunity in Ruthless Mode.

Along with the Money, Gold, and XP bonus, finding the Ember on Ruthless will allow players to purchase an exclusive hat from the traveling merchant, Madam Nazar.

Those who prefer sharpshooting and gunslinging can still participate in The Quick Draw Club No. 1. The premium event is available through August 9th and will feature 25 ranks of rewards, including the Whitechurch Cattleman Revolver Variant.

In addition, Red Dead Online players who purchase all four installments so far will also get free access to the Halloween Event planned for later this year.

And lastly, Rockstar has announced special in-game discounts available only this week.

All standard outfits and repeaters are 40% and 30% off, respectively. Players can also save five Gold Bars when buying the Butcher’s Table, which is needed to unlock the Trader role. Camp fees have also been waived for this week.

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