Red Dead Online’s Halloween Event Details Revealed

Red Dead Online’s Halloween Event Details Revealed

Rockstar has just revealed Red Dead Online’s upcoming Halloween event, allowing players to experience a kind-of sequel to the first game’s Undead Nightmare and a lot more!

Red Dead Online: The Halloween Pass

The game mode in question, titled Dead of the Night, is part of Red Dead Online’s Halloween, which will feature a PvP challenge mode, pitting players against each other without the inclusion of any plot.

Here, four teams will be competing against each other by putting down a rival gang, The Dead, with them being able to score points by defeating the human enemies!

Other than that, several more things are being added as part of Halloween.

These include two new legendary panthers: the Nightwalker Panther of Bolger Glade and the Ghost Panther of Bluewater Marsh. Taking their pelts to Gus’s Store can unlock the corresponding new garment sets.

Oh, and did I mention that Naturalists will be able to turn themselves into Possums? Yeah, there’s that in there as well.

Also, Rockstar launched a Halloween pass for the game, which will cost 15 bars of Gold. Don’t worry, though. The Halloween pass won’t be needed to play the various features offered by the Halloween event, such as Dead of the Night, hunting the legendary animals, or turning yourself into a possum-like creature, provided that’s what you want.

However, what it offers isn’t less in any way, either.

Red Dead Online's Halloween Event Details Revealed
Red Dead Online-Halloween Pass | Source: Rockstar Games

It will give players Halloween-themed items and scary-looking weapons, among other things. The pass will feature 20 levels and will be available until November 16.

Rockstar has also confirmed that the items will remain in players’ inventories after the event ends.

Anyhow, considering the amount of content being offered with only four weeks of duration to get it all, I’d suggest the players get to work as fast as they can, participate in the Dead of the Night and grab the Halloween pass as soon as possible!