Return to Castle Wolfenstein Set to Receive a Modern Touch?

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Set to Receive a Modern Touch?

When I first played Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I was absolutely bewildered to find out that it was launched in 2001. Right from the storyline to graphics, everything just seemed way ahead of its time.

This game is a must-buy for all the lunatics who have a thing for no-nonsense shooting. Most of the games try to fuse realism in their story. Thus, you can see player characters carrying two to three weapons at max along with a few grenades.

RTCW, on the other hand, gave shooting lovers a taste of heaven! Pistols, machine guns, rockets, sniper guns, and flamethrowers, you name it and the player will be able to carry it.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Set to Receive a Modern Touch?
Return to Castle Wolfenstein | Source: Steam

To be able to shoot hundreds and thousands of bullets from the barrel and witnessing the foes being utterly destroyed, that adrenaline rush was something!

RCTW is widely cherished in the gaming community. As a result, enthusiasts can still be seen playing the game again and again.

Going forward, we have some good news for the fans of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

A new mod of Return to Castle Wolfenstein titled as RealRTCW is set to be rolled out on October 15. The mod will see the game housing several upgrades and being modernized. It will be made available on Steam.

RealRTCW 3.0 - Complete Edition Trailer

This redesigned variant of RTCW will bring top-notch models, visual and audio enhancement along with widescreen compatibility into action.

The game is already famous for packing a wide array of weapons. On top of that, this mod will see several new firearms being added like MG34, PPSH41, Mosin Nagant, MP34, M1 Garand, BAR, MP44, MG42, G43, M97 Trench Gun, TT33, and a revolver.

Other than covering the offensive side, players will be helped defensively too as bandages and adrenaline will be used to replenish health.

The gameplay will be made even more enthralling as a new difficulty setting and weather conditions like snow and rainfall will take effect too. Therefore, be ready to be wholly devoured by an addictive experience.

Other than Steam, players can get their hands on this mod via ModDB too.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Set to Receive a Modern Touch?
Real Return to Castle Wolfenstein | Source: Steam

About Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is an Activision published first-person shooting game. It houses both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. Even though RTCW was released in 2001, its multiplayer element is still talked about as it is the most well-known aspect of the game.

Set in the time of World War II, gamers play as B.J. Blazkowicz, an American spy who is sent on a mission to inspect the peculiar experiments that are being conducted by Nazi scientists. Players will have to fight all sorts of horrors to stop the evil scientists from creating super zombies.