Rumor: Elden Ring Update Files Hint at DLC Based on the Game’s Arenas 

Rumor: Elden Ring Update Files Hint at DLC Based on the Game’s Arenas 

Elden Ring was released in February this year and it was praised globally by critics and fans alike. It is also the highest-rated game of 2022 and the highest-rated game of the PS5 and Xbox series X generation. FromSoftware hasn’t revealed a DLC for the game yet but rumors are doing rounds that suggest otherwise. 

The 1.07 update for Elden Ring seems to have arrived with new assets that hint at a DLC. A modder named Sekiro Dubi has found traces of a DLC in this update. The modder claims to have discovered new map files, assets, and textures based on Elden Ring’s colosseum.  

Sekiro Dubi has also tweeted an image showing a huge untextured gate on Twitter. Check out the tweet below:  

Sekiro Dubi also claims to have found a new hairstyle, map files and other changes which are set to arrive in this rumored DLC. Sekiro Dubi is the same modder who also restored functionality to a colosseum in Elden Ring.

The fact that a Site of Grace was found in this area also implies that it was maybe cut from the game and FromSoftware already had started development on a DLC. So, it seems like a DLC featuring the game’s arenas might be true after all. 

Rumors of an Elden Ring DLC featuring these colosseums have been doing the rounds for a while now but nothing has been officially announced. So, fans will have to wait till FromSoftware officially announces the rumored DLC.

It’s still unknown what the DLC will be and what purpose these arenas will serve. It may be used for PvP or PvE encounters, or it might be used for something else. 

Rumor: Elden Ring Update Files Hint at DLC Based on the Game's Arenas
Elden Ring Colosseum | Source: Wikipedia

Elden Ring is a huge game with hours of content in which players can immerse themselves. Elden Ring also probably has more bosses, regions, and levels than any other FromSoftware game.

Even though many players have completed the game, a rumor of a DLC is sure to excite them and draw them back into the game since many players have also been wanting some kind of DLC for the game.  

Elden Ring is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. 

About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the next major title to be released by FromSoftware, the developers of Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne and the Dark Souls franchise. Elden Ring is set to release on the February 25th, 2022.

The game is set in a world known as The Lands Between. Players will take control of a Tarnished to explore these lands and uncover the secrets it holds. The game is an open-world style title with emphasis on combat and traversal. There is also a multiplayer component, along players to summon others for co-operative play, or to be invaded for PvP encounters.