Final Plans Rumored for NVIDIA’s Next-Gen ‘Ada Lovelace’ Graphics Card

Final Plans Rumored for NVIDIA’s Next-Gen ‘Ada Lovelace’ Graphics Card

Headline: Final Plans Rumored for NVIDIA’s Next-Gen ‘Ada Lovelace’ Graphics Card

NVIDIA’s GeForce 30 series cards continue to remain extremely rare across the globe. While we have rumors stating that these cards’ availability and price points may improve in the future, they’re still tricky to find and very expensive when found.

But, despite this, they are also incredibly popular cards. And, with recent leaks, it seems NVIDIA is already finalizing plans for the next line of graphics cards.

This new leak comes from Greymon55, who says that the codename for the upcoming generation of graphics cards is “Ada Lovelace,” that it is “definitely” the next generation of NVIDIA GPUs and that plans have been finalized and will not be changing anymore.

They didn’t explicitly state that this is NVIDIA’s GeForce 40 Series of graphics cards, but it’s pretty heavily implied that is the case. If the leak is accurate, then it seems NVIDIA is ready to start transitioning out of the 30 Series GPUs.

In a follow-up post, Greymon55 shares some info on the technology that will be used in NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace cards, saying, “TSMC 5nm 100%”.

TSMC refers to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, currently the world’s largest semiconductor company. They also have NVIDIA as a customer. 5nm refers to the process of making the chip.

It does not specifically mean a 5-nanometer node but is more of a brand used to explain the quality and caliber of a chip. 100% is just Greymon stating they are super confident in this claim.

NVIDIA’s 30 Series graphics cards are based on Samsung’s 8nm process, while AMD’s 6000 series graphics cards utilize TSMC’s 7nm fabrication process. Many semiconductor manufacturers, including Samsung and TSMC, are now preparing to start producing 3nm, but it may be some years before that becomes the standard.

Back in July, Greymon55 also offered some early details on the next-gen NVIDIA graphics cards’ release date and performance levels. They clarified the leak by stating they are “not sure if it’s true.”

However, they claim that NVIDIA’s 40 Series will release in Q4 of 2022 into Q1 2023. With regards to the performance, they said “3090 double performance.”

Final Plans Rumored for NVIDIA’s Next-Gen ‘Ada Lovelace’ Graphics Card
Nvidia 3090 | Source: Nvidia

A new generation of NVIDIA graphics cards is undoubtedly exciting, especially if the rumored performance level is accurate. But the questions around supply remain. Low supply not only makes it difficult to get a card, but it also drives up the prices of the cards in the market, sometimes 5x or more the MSRP.

It will take time to properly gauge by when we can have a steady supply of 30 Series graphics cards and how this will affect the availability of the 40 Series.

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