Rumors Suggest Uplay Coming To Xbox Game Pass with Forza Horizon 5 & More

Rumors Suggest Uplay Coming To Xbox Game Pass with Forza Horizon 5 & More

Rumors suggest that Xbox is set for a massive 2021 with Uplay rumored to be coming to Xbox game pass. Popular gaming titles and new AAA games are also expected to be launched on Xbox in 2021.

Are you an Xbox fan? If yes, then you have additional reasons to be happy this New Year.

Uplay is rumored to be coming to Xbox game pass. Several heavy-weight titles such as non-MMO Bethesda games, Starfield, Forza Horizon 5 and Wolfenstein 3, and other AAA games are supposedly coming to Xbox in 2021. Microsoft may finally acquire SEGA in the new year.  

Ubisoft Plus Could Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Following the integration of EA Play into Game Pass, Microsoft looks set to make new additions to the latter. Ubisoft is one supposed addition. Word on the street is that Uplay could be coming to Game Pass in 2021. However, the exact timeline is still unclear.

Information reported by @IdleSloth84 on Twitter via Xbox Worlds claims to be the ten biggest rumors about Xbox for 2021. Following is the list in reverse order:

  1. Inxile Entertainment is currently working on a Steampunk AAA RPG. The game supposedly has the second-highest budget for an Xbox game in development aside from Halo (Bethesda/Zenimax not included).
  2. Obsidian is developing 6 projects, including three AAA RPGs. Having grown quite quickly and depending on how lightly in development is being used ,this may be true.
  3. Xbox has secured publishing rights for a big unannounced AAA surprise that will launch in 2021.
  4. Xcloud will be joining several new markets next year including iOS and Samsung TVs.
  5. Several additional titles are launching exclusively to the Xbox ecosystem next year with Forza Horizon 5, Starfield, and Wolfenstein 3.
  6. UPlay is going to be coming to Xbox Gamepass subscription just like EA Play did for holiday 2021.
  7. Xbox will be dropping Xbox Live Gold or rolling it into the Gamepass service. Free 2 play games will not require any subscription.
  8. All (non-MMO) Bethesda/Zenimax titles will be exclusives starting in 2021.
  9. Xbox is swinging big again and will be acquiring Sega in 2021.
  10. Xbox has already acquired two additional studios aside from Bethesda/Zenimax,  with one being large and the other being small.

If this information is correct, then Xbox fans can expect the arrival of some popular titles on their consoles. These titles include non- MMO Bethesda exclusives, six new games from Obsidian, Forza Horizon 5, Starfield, Wolfenstein 3, a new AAA title and many more.

Uplay rumored to be coming to Xbox in 2021
Ubisoft Games | Source: Ubisoft

Moreover, Microsoft’s 20-year old plan of acquiring SEGA might come to fruition this year. Back in 2001, Microsoft pondered over buying SEGA before launching Xbox. Microsoft dropped the idea for Bill Gates felt that SEGA did not have what it takes to compete with PlayStation in hardware.

At the Tokyo Game Show in September 2020, rumors of Microsoft acquiring SEGA started circulating again. This prompted a clarification from the official Xbox Twitter stating that no such acquisition had occurred and would not be announced during the show. 

Yet, rumors linking Microsoft acquiring SEGA don’t cease to stop. If the acquisition does materialize, Microsoft will gain significant footing in the Japanese gaming market, which has traditionally refuted Western-themed games and consoles.

These rumors prompt an essential question that is whether SEGA wants itself to get acquired by Micorosoft? Moreover, from a financial perspective, does Microsoft want to invest one-third of its quarterly sales from Xbox towards acquiring a new company. One might also argue that CAPCOM might be a wiser investment to fetch more IPs.

With bleak answers and a plethora of questions, we expect to learn more about these topics as the year progresses.

About Uplay

Developed by Ubisoft, Uplay was a reward system first introduced alongside Assassins Creed II in 2009. Now rebranded as Ubisoft Connect, it was a digital service that offered players a similar experience to achievements or trophies.    

The Uplay reward system allowed players to link up with other gamers and earn rewards based on achievements or “Actions.” This consequently earn the players points toward their profile, which they can redeem to get in-game content across various Ubisoft titles.

Ubisoft Connect is an expansion and rebranding of Uplay. It is a digital distribution, rights management, multiplayer, and communications service.

It is a combination of Uplay’s free reward system and Ubisoft Club’s online profile system for players of Ubisoft games.