Rust: All Set To Break Its Record Of Concurrent Player Count

Rust: All Set To Break Its Record Of Concurrent Player Count

Rust has seen a resurgence in popularity lately. It has set a brand-new record for most concurrent users playing the game on Steam. In this process, it broke its record, which it set a few days ago in 2021.

Rust was first playable as an Early-Access back in 2013. It was officially launched in 2018. Despite being an old game, it has seen a resurgence in its popularity, rare for a video game, even in today’s digital environment.

Rust: All Set To Break Its Record Of Concurrent Player Count
Rust: Survival Game | Source: Steam

With so many games released every week, it is hard for an older game to recapture players’ attention. But once in a while, it happens that a game breaks that norm. Rust being one such game, has reached a new record in concurrent player count, according to Steam tracking information.

In the past 24 hours, Rust has hit an all-time peak of 223,710 players. Its earlier record was at 203,795 concurrent players.

Gary Newman, the man behind the survival game, took to Twitter to announce the new record.

Increased viewership on Twitch can explain the recent spike in the player count. Over the past week, more than one million people have watched popular Twitch streamers play Rust almost daily. Streamers like Myth, Shroud, and xQc have played a big part in leading the game’s resurgence.

The developers Facepunch have continued to update Rust with new content and features. It has kept the fans of the game invested, and they keep coming back to it.

Rust: All Set To Break Its Record Of Concurrent Player Count
Rust | Source: Steam

The increased viewership on Twitch has now acted as a catalyst for bringing new players to the game who otherwise would have been unaware of it.

Twitch is a platform that has great potential when it comes to the marketing of video games. It was evident, especially during the lockdown, when the people saw success stories of games like Among Us. It has done the same for Rust.

Popular streamers have driven people to it, which resulted in its regaining popularity.

It will be interesting to note how Rust continues to bank on its increased popularity in the coming weeks, how the numbers will change, and whether or not the players will continue to play it after the streamers have moved on.

About Rust

Rust is a multiplayer survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. The early access came out in 2013 with the finalized game released in 2018.

The game features slow and steady gameplay where the player is thrown at an unknown map and given a chance to survive the radioactive wastelands.

The players can customize their characters, build a base, forage for upgrading their weapons, and even fight with other players for loot boxes in this proximity chat enabled PVP game.