Hogwarts Legacy: Why You Should Complete All of the Merlin’s Trials

Hogwarts Legacy: Why You Should Complete All of the Merlin’s Trials

I can’t stress enough on how fantastic Hogwarts Legacy is! All with its immersive gameplay, amazing quests, and enthralling storylines — it makes for one of the finest game releases this year.

As players whizz through their quests and side quests, they’ll notice one called Merlin’s Trials that has way too many levels to it. This may make players debate whether or not they should complete all the Merlin’s Trials — is this something worth spending their time on?

It is not mandatory to complete all 95 Merlin’s Trials, as completing only 18 will give you extra gear slots. However, if players complete all trials, they will be awarded with the rare Merlin’s Trial platinum trophy along with helping finish the game 100%.

You’ll be introduced to Merlin’s Trials in the quest called Trials of Merlin (yes, quite on the nose!) Your player will hear a cry from Treadwell, who will approach you to help her. Once that’s done, she’ll show you around through the first Merlin Trial.

Immediately after this, Merlin’s Trials will be unlocked on your side quests list. Now, there are approximately 95 Merlin’s Trials that are scattered all over the map. They can be easily solved once you learn the nine different types of puzzle types they’ve based on.

Hogwarts Legacy: Why You Should Complete All of the Merlin’s Trials
Hogwarts Legacy | Source: IMDb

But are Merlin’s Trials simply a side quest? The answer is no — One of the reasons it’s important to complete these trials is because they help you earn additional gear slots. Any seasoned player will know how crucial this is!

Additional gear slots are earned when players complete 2 Merlin Trials, 6 Merlin Trials, 10 Merlin Trials, 14 Merlin Trials, and 18 Merlin Trials.

If you do the math, you’ll realize you don’t have to finish off all 95 trials as the last gear slot will be awarded to you after completing 18 trials. So, is it worth completing the rest?

One of the main reasons you should attempt completing it is that you can earn Merlin’s Beard platinum trophy. Completing all the trials will also help you achieve your goal of completing the game 100%.

Trophies don’t help in the normal game play — If you don’t complete all the trials or acquire the trophy, you won’t face any negative consequences in the game. The trails also don’t affect the narrative in any major way. So technically, it’s not mandatory to complete all 95.

But the Merlin’s Beard platinum trophy is a rare one and they’re a mark of honor for any player worth their salt. Plus, completing all the trials will power up your character and help them level up.

As Merlin’s trials are relatively easy — why not strive to complete all of them and win this trophy? I know you can do it!

About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG from Avalanche Studio. The game places the player in the wizarding school of Hogwarts, allowing them to witness the iconic locations as a character other than Harry Potter. 

The game has an expansive map that makes the game very immersive, even for people who are yet to read the books or watched the movie.

The mysterious, gripping storyline, with the vast areas to explored, either on foot or broomstick, makes it even more real life.