Bernard Choice: Hand Him Over or Not? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla

Bernard Choice: Hand Him Over or Not? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla

Consequence-based choices are some of the most complex missions players have to deal with in AC Valhalla. Not only do their choices affect their current storyline, but the consequences affect the future ones as well. So, it was no wonder that AC fans were having a hard time dealing with Siege of Paris DLC’s choices, mainly the Bernard one.

Bernard is the son of King Charles the Fat, the oppressive ruler of Francia. While dealing with a quest called “The Count of Paris,” King Charles strikes a deal with the Viking clan and asks Eivor to hand over his son.

This is where most of you must be scratching your brains, wondering what to do? Well, here’s what you can do in this situation!

The Count of Paris Mission in AC Valhalla

Bernard Choice: Hand Him Over or Not? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
The Count of Paris Mission

The Count of Paris mission is where Eivor must infiltrate King Charles’s Palace, confront and defeat Count Odo, and later strike up a deal with King Charles regarding the peace of the Viking clan residing in Francia.

King Charles will also ask Eivor to hand over his son Prince Bernard to honor their treaty during this mission. At this point, Eivor will have a decisive role in the dialogue exchange, and your choice will affect the story further.

All Prince Bernard Choices

Bernard Choice: Hand Him Over or Not? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
Bernard Choices

There are a total of two choices regarding Eivor’s decision of handing over Prince Bernard.

1. Choosing You May Have the Boy

If you choose this option, King Charles will be tremendously happy with your decision and take his boy. But later in the story, you will find out through Odo that the boy and his mother, the Queen, are being hunted by the mad King.

Toka will also share her surprise at your decision of handing the boy to that demon of a King.

2. Choosing I Will Not Hand Over the Boy

If you choose not to hand over Prince Bernard, King Charles will get furious by Eivor’s decision and threaten to see this betrayal through. Sigfred will be unhappy with your decision as you did not value the treaty. However, Toka will be happy and grateful for your decision.

Both the decisions play out the same way except for some minor changes in dialogue. Other than that, there is no major plot change that you need to worry about. So, you can choose whichever option you like.

If you still need some advice on what to choose, here’s my take on it.

Should I Hand Over the Boy or Not in AC Valhalla?

Bernard Choice: Hand Him Over or Not? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
King Charles

If you’re struggling to choose between handing over Prince Bernard or not, I suggest you do not hand over the boy, even if it means you’d upset the King and Sigfred for not keeping his word.

Not only does Prince Bernard receive a traumatic experience after being handed to his father, but later on, you learn from Count Odo that the King is hunting him and his mother. It is better to anger a few people than to traumatize a kid.

Besides, Queen Richardis would not want you to hand over her precious son to the mad King anyways. And if you think about it, the Queen has not really been a threat towards Eivor. So, might as well do her this favor.

If you don’t like how the dialogue goes, you can always use the saved game and revert to a previous point to re-do the choices.

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