Sigfred Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla

Sigfred Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s story-driven missions handed some tough decisions towards players playing the role of Eivor. These decisions, mainly comprising dialogue choices, either had long-lasting effects in the storyline or none whatsoever. So, it was no surprise the devs would cleverly bring in some more hard-hitting decisions that could either make or break your perfect game-play run in Siege of Paris DLC.

I’m guessing the choice you’re stuck with today is the ominous “Kill or Spare Sigfred” choice that occurs right at the tail end of the Skal Quest in AC Valhalla’s Siege of Paris DLC. If you’re concerned about which option to choose and the consequences it may follow, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this mission.

Skal Quest in AC Valhalla

Sigfred Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
Skal Quest

The Skal quest starts immediately after the completion of The Count of Paris mission in AC Valhalla. The Skal mission instructs Eivor to enjoy all the required festivities of Melun before heading over to Sigfred’s location to confront him.

Players first need to race a pig in the mission, then participate in a cheese toss before talking with Sigfred. This mission also gives you an opportunity on the side to romance the character Pierre, so keep that in mind if you’re planning the romance route.

All Sigfred Choices

Sigfred Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
All Sigfred Choices

Talking to Sigfred in Melun’s main hall will trigger another cutscene where you’ll find Sigfred about 170 meters away from Eivor’s current location. After chasing him down, you’ll have two dialogue choices. However, during Eivor and Sigfred’s conversation, you’ll be prompted to rethink your options repeatedly, so don’t worry about choosing the wrong one.

I. Choosing This is No Way to Find Peace

Sigfred Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
Sparing Sigfred

Choosing “This Is No Way to Find Peace”, Eivor tries the very best to convince Sigfred not to sacrifice himself for the horrifying things he has done in the past. It takes a bit more convincing, but Sigfred finally gives up his leadership and leaves their clan, making Toka the next leader.

Eivor then decides to inform Odo of the same, and although he doubts her decision, he still agrees to Toka’s leadership.

II. Choosing Fine, I Will Kill You

Sigfred Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
Killing Sigfred

Choosing “Fine, I Will Kill You”, Eivor agrees to Sigfred’s plea of ending his life in a deathmatch and fights him. Sigfred is then ultimately defeated, and Toka is appointed the new leader of the clan.

Odo is informed of Sigfred’s death, and the rest of the conversation is similar to the first option.

Both the options end up with Toka being appointed the new leader, so you can choose whichever you prefer regardless of consequences.

But if you still need some assurance, here’s my take on this particular part of the Skal mission.

Should I Spare Sigfred or Not in AC Valhalla?

Sigfred Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
Sigfred Gives Leadership to Toka

If you’re in the predicament of deciding between sparing Sigfred or not in the Skal mission of AC Valhalla, then I suggest you spare his life instead of killing him.

I know Sigfred is a ruthless killer, but the little dialogue exchange with Eivor proves that he has chosen to repent for his sins and is willing to go as far as sacrificing his own life. So, it would mean that he does regret the horrible things he had done in the past.

Also, if you choose to spare him, he will leave Francia forever and disappear to become a Nomad. This way, it’s better to get rid of the problem without spilling blood.

But if you want Eivor to retain the true Viking warrior spirit, you can take Sigfred’s life as a punishment for his sins. Just remember, a quick “load saved game” can also help you along the way!

Bernard Choice: Hand Him Over or Not? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla

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